Phil Schiller Moving on to Become 'Apple Fellow'


Talk about retired Phil he's just he's got a glow about him. Phil Schiller has decided to call it quits at apple and I can't say that I'm surprised he hasn't really been front and center for a while and seeing how they had steve jobs transition and Johnny. I have now transitioned out of their roles. This seems to be the game plan. You just stop showing up on stage appearing in the. People kind of forget about you but you're still there you still doing your job they quietly transition you out of your role, and then they quietly announced that they're leaving and they become an apple fellow, which is what happened to Phil. Schiller. He's now an apple fellow you WanNa take this story here. Lewis, I'm not like sure when the whole thing. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. So he a fill is going to continue to report directly to apple CEO Tim Cook in the new position as apple fellow, and he's going to continue leading the APP store and Apple Events Greg Jaaz Joswiak is fronts Joswiak I like that name as Joswiak Josh. It's actually very bizarre. Isn't it? That would go from Wozniak Joswiak? It's almost like a a word jumble. Quite odd. Anyway, Jaaz is going to take over a shortage previous role over the years. You know he's had a lot to do it apple and he's been there for like you think what? You say eighty seven he's like he's been there since eighty seven checkout this quotes. been a dream come true for me to work apple and so many products I love all these great friends, Steve? Tim. and Sony More I. I started Apple when I was twenty seven. Wow this year I turned sixty. That's a long time to be at the same. So, what is I? Guess that's thirty three years I. Guess It is Chess Wild. Yeah. And what did he say? He said I'll keep working here as long as they will have me I bleed six colors but I also want to make some time in the years ahead from my family friends and a few personal projects I care deeply about. Some people were saying that last statement personal projects. I. Care Deeply about. It's an interesting time to say that because right after he said that. John Processors Youtube Account was hacked. Right. I'm sure that a coincidence. Alert. Blocked John Browser on twitter and finally he's likes. Just a project in mind crack. And he just started typing loudly with two. He only uses two fingers. It's two index fingers, right? Because he's owed sees old school. But he was sitting there looking down to this keyboard looking back up at the screen and he just John Prosser got what was coming coming to him. Took a write down what a bitcoin scam.

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