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Welcome back to another episode of Zeroed IPO and we have to awesome guesses. Good Morning Lisa Good Morning. And how are you today? The morning? Good Morning. Doing great can't complain. We're going to have a very lively conversation about a wide range of things that I think will be applicable to our audience. Let me, introduce our first guest today and Morocco who is a pioneering tech investor at floodgate, and among many accomplishments, has a PhD in math modeling from Stanford where she also teaches entrepreneurship, and I think it's going to have a lot of insight to share with all of us today about what it means to start and run a company particularly in difficult times. I. Certainly Hope so I've started adventure in two thousand one, and then again in two thousand eight, so I do have some memory and recollection of hard times. Our other guests is Lisa Globe term. Who is the founder and CEO of technical and we're GONNA. Learn a lot more about equitable today, but Lisa has a fascinating and varied career. Leading up to the founding of technical, you were the chief digital officer for the Department of Education. You've worked at a bunch of big companies. You've worked at government, which is the biggest company of them all? You were the chief digital officer at bt. Networks You're also one of the senior management team for the launch of Hulu so when you started this company. You had a lot of experience navigating corporate environments, and so, why don't we just dive in and talk about how that experience informed the founding of equitable and why you did what you did? I've been fortunate enough over the course of my career to work on some pretty transformative technologies, so whether it was shockwave, which was the first time the web. whether it was helping with the launch of Hulu. It's been a hell of a journey in terms of making change, but it was really at the White House where I came to understand that we really could harness technology to solve what had been previously thought of as intractable problems right? I want to focus on making improvements right here on our home planet to solve the issues for the under served the underrepresented in the underestimate it, so that was kind of how it all came to be well. Let's get into the details of it. Tell us what testable is. How did it fit this this desire on your part, yeah? Equitable is really about using technology to make workplaces more equitable, and our mission is to create work culture that works for everyone and in order to do that. We've created this platform that that is independent third party and help people address issues of bias discrimination harassment in the workplace. But more generally kind of helps folks with in a personal conflict workplace misconduct, those kinds of things, so we do two things one is we provide a sounding board for employees where they can when they're feeling uncomfortable in the workplace and they can come and explore their options. Get Advice, and basically figure out what their next steps are in how to move forward, and then on the flip side. People are using the platform. We actually gather data that we anonymous and we aggregate, and we use that to identify systemic issues within organizations culture. We create a report for the management team with actionable recommendations so for us again. It's really important. Important that we work on both sides equation where we are empowering and supporting employees, but we are also helping companies identify issues and address them before they even escalates were trying to create this virtuous cycle again getting to the systemic issues. A lot of what you have done with tech quibble is create something that was needed, but that maybe people didn't know they needed, and certainly now they may not even know that the solution is out there for them. which I think will resonate for a lot of our audience members who are creating something to solve a problem that most people as you said at the beginning is intractable or people think that. If it was easy to do. Somebody would have done it right. I think that's it so for me. The thing that's been again really gratifying is that. We're just kind of talking to folks. People like you're the first vendor I have ever spoken with. That is solving a problem that I have today. I know exactly what this problem is, but I didn't know like. Where have you been all? My Life I didn't know a solution like this existed once. I've talked to somebody for five minutes. It's like Oh my God I totally. Totally, get it like this makes perfect sense to me, but I gotta get that five minutes because they don't even know that assertion might exist. That's actually one of my big questions for you all, which is what are some of the factors that go into when you're creating a new market? And how do you? How do you get people to even be aware of that situation?

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