Summer of Celebrity Splits, Big Brother's Big Risk & Plastic Surgery Catfish

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Welcome to nightly pop the best place for a facelift advice and break up revenge. Lena's off tonight. But Hunter has here as always and our new best friend Luke. A thoughts is back for more. Hi Guys. Thank you so much. I know I had one day off but I'm back I'm here. Today and let me tell you. Is Easy to make it look. Really did we I just need I think I should ask Vivica did hunter up any prompter Vivica he mess up any reads that you can run. Maybe, once to very honest with you, I was very proud. That he like got in there and all that snow and. Charming. As he lies on yet Morgan between me and Roxy D. as so he loved it I'll I'll right he was in a sandwich there. Okay. All right I guess we're not gonNA top any of the comments that were just made Cilicia get right into it is officially this summer of splits Kelly Clarkson Julianne Huff. Meghan. Fox Kristen Cavalieri. The plug on their relationships VIVICA. Florentine all this lockdown. But do you think this is what's driving couples to just be Finito Dunn's Oh absolutely they are spending more time than what they ever had. When you know celebrities were always on the road working on a said, you know you get to see someone and it's like honeymoon you get to have a lot of Kline I remember I dated a guy and it was so much fun. I was on the road and the moment that the tour was over I. Think we broke up in a couple of months. To. He musician was shot. MARCI was I honey? Mortga do not confuse VIVICA. For anyone less than a god. Okay because she's Doing it well. Share I I think people are breaking up in the celebrity will because one of the most attractive things about a celebrity is their success it's that they're. And, they're good what they do and when you see them without that success, not only do you feel less attractive to them? They feel as attractive themselves we have like we're in this industry because of our ego because we need to be seen. Not Seen we kind of become worse people unranked. We'd be. Real, little school anyway moving on big brothers back tonight there is already drama according to multiple reports Julie Chen revealed some of this season's potential contestants tested positive for Kobe nineteen. She says they were paid for the final cast but okay hunter would you still what I don't even know him asking me this would you go into that house mortgage? How bad do you think my career is going if you if that's the question they're going into big brother now I've got to television shows Morgan okay. I'm doing. Okay. Don't I don't even know why bother I mean we have I'm not GonNa ask you because you are a legitimate movie star and you're not going into that house. But if somebody said I'm giving you five million bucks to do this. Would you? Let you know that the offer did come my way and it's not five million bucks. But I'm going to ask Charlie. Yeah it's not holy cow. It's been the five million dollars on that set and getting everyone there. To do it and I can live with another person let alone sixteen is it like twelve or singling on that house yet? No. My worst never ever Talaat. Moving to Morgan's house right now, I feel like moving to Morgan House and I get to hang out with Jordan all the time. It's GonNa make. Their relationship better because Jordan is not going to spend as much time with Morgan film it. Little brother and it's. It's a perfect show. Yeah. I think. So we just recovering from me yelling about the fact that there was no Wifi, but I just wasn't connected to wi FIS. So anyway. He's like everyone has wife I'm like, yeah I'm not on the WIFI moving on. News for anyone looking to get a face lift a you might get catfish. Dr. Jacobo. Who just gave Sonja? Morgan her new look lanes he's dealing with online imposters. He tells page. Con Artists are creating fake social media accounts and cat fishing his patients one client was even tricked into wiring twenty grand deposit I mean. People falling for this. Clue. One twenty thousand dollars but that just goes to show you like. Doing Corona that people were you know happy to be more natural and not getting. To be so tight and so right even though I must say he looks like he does excellent Oh my thing is i. think plastic surgery especially something as serious an entire facelift or no job or something you should do your research and if you can't even properly research who the doctor supposed to be. Sending it to like an offshore account. Then, you deserve a bad nose job in my opinion. On Yourself. I I love an offshore account though I love the sound of that. Nice offshore. Offshore Bank Account I. Love it like. So, desperate for beauty and that he has just answer. Yes

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