Is Tiger Woods about to make a putter change?

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Talked again, we talked a good amount about him. He looks great. There's a lot of positive thoughts about his chances this week he warned in Oh five. He won here I think that he never shot higher than sixty eight and then in two thousand, nine, the President's covers here at harding park he went five Oh and so he has good history here he is still the. Reigning Masters Champion. Ugly, Fifteenth. In the world, some are trying to point. So some negatives like he's only played four competitive rounds in six months. I'm not focused on that I. Don't think he gives a shit about that. He showed up to Zozo championship last year in Japan and it felt like we had seen him play golf or any decent golf in months, and he's won that tournament in Atlanta. He showed up to the President's cup. We were there. We were physically there watch the entire thing. Play the president's coverage has several the best players in the world, their best player, the President's Cup in a landslide. So Tiger Woods smile and yet focused I like his chances this. I think he's come a long way since Monday and a lot of people's minds in that. All is incredibly exciting. On. Monday because. If we remember in the last podcast, you said, he really had no chance. That's true. Well, said, he's the favourite. Video and a you know with the weather and everything else that I would write this low on his list Jimi play whatever rig said because it wasn't that wasn't what we said and it certainly wasn't when said he was literally what I just you in you in the New York Post or two peas in a pod newer post tweeted out. Tiger Woods needs a miracle this week at the championship it was like what the fuck is going on and you know rig says similar points new. York Post. I said tiger. Woods is the favorite I said that on Monday show Tuesday show Jake will find that but I just ranked course and the the fact it's fifty five fucking degrees and narrow fairways. Low on the list of tiger woods majors coming up in the next four five years. It's not that hard. Of course, is not the art of course, I gave Frankie thumping already park last night. On the game. So it was like I I I could go out there right now in wooded. So the overall. Well I you know. I didn't realize we were GONNA play a marathon session of golf club twenty, nineteen I looked at the time we're finished up three and a half hours. My back was sore. I couldn't feel my feet like it's not built for endurance I'm just not built for endurance but I smoked you. At harding. Park. So I'm not too worried about art course conditions. By the way, we're not just a heads up just while we're talking about it. We said we were GONNA stream tonight, Thursday you're listening to it but we didn't realize that the coverage goes so late. So we will not be streaming tonight, but we will doing Tuesday Thursday next week. So be on the lookout for that. Last Tiger related thing new putter. About the new potter, he's got the Scott Newport. I think it's like the two point. Oh it's the one with the different weights and couple of different reports about it. Some saying he's definitely putting it in play other saying it's GonNa be a game time decision he. According to Steve Stricker, Tiger really likes it. It's a little longer in length with have been over as much. We can practice as putting a lot more which makes a lot of sense So that would be a good thing for the back and then another aspect of it is that apparently it's got adjustable wait we have heard for decades now tiger. Could just couldn't get the speed right or you know other Greens were little slower than I thought and I guess instead of having to make that adjustment in your fields or in your judgment calls in, you're putting in how hard it he can just tweet the weights and the Scottie, and that's what he likes because you know if the Green Bay speed them up from. Wednesday Thursday early days beat him up from Saturday Sunday whenever he can just kind of tweak the weights part of me going into this feels like well, tiger woods has won thirteen or fourteen major championships with that part of that is the elder wand. That is the thing that he flipped and spun in circles right in front of our faces that ad US bedazzled. Is the horn. Rocks. And any other usage of any other putter is not only blasted, but it's it's him searching a tim trying to find something which means he's not comfortable, and then the other part of me says, it's Tiger fucking. Would you give them a wooden stick? You give them happy. Gilmore's little hockey stick putter. He'll go out there and win because he's the greatest time you give them any driver persimmon would as a matter it'll just go out and win because he's better than everyone else and it doesn't matter So I'm a little torn on the whole thing. But it's Tigers putter. So everybody's talking about basically I'm just praying for success I mean, I do I think it's the right decision and adding and subtracting weights based on green speed that seems Like, if I'm just going to pick up a new tool every time when it's GonNa be different weight I don't think that I'm going to have much accessible but again, I'm not tiger so I'm not so keen on that. But Hell. If he's got confidence conferences key and if he thinks that's going to help them make more. Than you know play with a hockey stick or whatever. You just said you know so. Tricky one, but you were rooting for dagger. But I don't like I. Don't I'm not as doesn't work for me and I'm not a fan. I am not a supportive of the change I want that other potter to just pile up major victories and lurch. You said what I was GonNa say where changing the way day to day on a putter seems like a nightmare scenario I get that stegar woods. He's the greatest Golfer of all time but I need everything in my bag and again I'm not comparing myself to tiger woods but I need everything to be. One way just needed to be the same all the time. So messing with putter way just seems like a crazy idea but again, if he likes it if it makes him comfortable, that's GonNa give them better chances week. Thank God.

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