Breland Talks Country, Hip Hop And Protests

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The music video for the hit song. My truck starts off like mini country music videos, country star Sam honey with a wide brimmed hat walks through a cloud of dust. Yoke and drank my leg. Come you. Can Take Mama and Yuka small. Schools these horns you can say you hate me you. Down to my truck. Then a young black man appears wire brimmed glasses and a huge grand shoves him out of the frame. Out. At the start of this year, he was just a recent college graduate trying to break into music then truck up and the song hit number one on spotify viral fifty chart back in February. The music video now has over twenty four million views and counting religious music defies definition. He's country trap hip hop aren be and so much more, and he joins us now from his home in Nashville to reflect on his music and his life as part of our series on how artists are reimagining and reflecting the current moment in their work. Thanks so much for being here. Thank you for having such a glowing introduction to bring you with me everywhere now. Oh Yeah I'll do it. So you're a recent college Grad, writing songs trying to break down the doors of the music business, and then all of a sudden you're going viral with this country song what what was it that actually got you to try your hand at Country Music Just. Always trying to do things that I think can can push the boundaries. I don't like to feel stagnant. So this was kind of came about kind of a challenge show in the studio with with some friends of mine, and we were kind of talking about the new wave of. Country Crossover records that had been that have been coming out like Old Town road and I was just like I feel like I can make a song like that and it would be pretty dope and they were like Nah man you can't make like that and I was like, okay challenge accepted so. Just started. Working on it and was able to come up with something. I guess that that stuck with people you've mentioned other artists like a little gnaws, of course, with Old Town road We also know though about the massive debate over what country is and who country belongs to. What is country to? country to me is a genre of music that is really just defined by strong songwriting and storytelling I think anyone can can make it. I think anyone can you know their based country music stars who are from? Other countries you know between. Fine and have been there some others, and then it really just comes down to the music and then whether or not people accept you I want to deepen that a little bit though because the New York Times reports that my truck isn't really picking up steam on traditional country music stations which are known to be pretty conservative. Do you even about that? I mean it would be it would be nice to have gotten more country radio support I. Think like Sirius Xm, the highways played it a lot. But in terms of traditional country radio, I don't think we got any spends I was hoping when I put Sam Hi on the remixed that would have probably validated it a little bit but it wasn't quite enough and I I understand it though because if you listen to country radio, it's. Tends to be wide dudes over forty so. For me to be a twenty five year old black dude. I, have a song, eight hundred weights and like hip hop production on it like it would've been a lot different than what was currently being played. My thing is if all of these country music fans are these a lot of them who are under thirty for example, are also listening to like drake and Migos, and even like our day and those cat, why do they have to leave the genre to get their fix of like bars and like hard beats like I feel like? Especially, with after after my truck came out I, realized that audience needs music and I know how to make it and I can I kinda stand in my in my own lane and help carve out a sub genre of music that speaks to the millennial modern country fan

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