A Pediatricians Guide to COVID-19 and Cellular Resilience with Dr. Elisa Song


Welcome to the broken marine podcast where we dive deep into the topics of neuro plasticity epigenetics, mindfulness, functional medicine mindset, and more. I'm your host droid and each week my team, and I bring on a new guest who we think can help you improve your brain health feel better and most importantly live more. This week's guest is Dr at Lisa Song Dr. Song is an integrative pediatrician pediatric. Functional Medicine expert and most importantly Amama in integrative pediatric practice whole family wellness she's helped thousands of kids get to the root causes of their health concerns and help their parents understand how to help their children drive both in mind body and spirit Dr Song as taught around the world on integrative pediatrics topics for multiple podcasts in summits including functional medicine Australia Bio Circles, Australia integrative medicine, and mental. Health Institute for Functional Medicine A for 'em and a lot of other really incredible institutions, organizations that the song created healthy kids happy kids in online holistic pediatric resource to help practitioners in bridge the gap between conventional in integrative pediatrics within evidence-based pediatrician backed approach Dr Song Thank you for being here on the broken brain podcast. Thank you for having me. It's an honor to be here with. You and your audience, and I wanNA give you just like a massive dose of gratitude because for so many of my friends I don't have kids, but I want to get educated on his many of these topics as possible not just as a podcast hosts in a community leader because I wanNA learn for myself in the future. This is probably not the last pandemic that will ever go through. Talk about help for Awhile Joe royle knock on wood. But I do want to say that for so many in the community right now you are the voice. Of Reason, you are the voice of really helping people understand what's real what we don't know because there's a lot of what we don't now and you've run so much peace to so many families. So thank you for your incredible work and I know it's a team effort. You know your husband, your kids the whole team over there that's helping out but really utilize. Knowledge you for that. Thank you that means so much to me. Yeah, absolutely, also I want to check in because in addition to use servicing your online community and your patience. Your family you've been very vocal about this has had first-hand experiences with Cova nineteen and we're gonNA talk about that. But I just WANNA check it on a human human level. How're you doing during these times? You know I mean it's crazy times everybody. My son and daughter for those of you who follow me they actually contracted co bid on. I mean really it was about a week after we wanted to quarantine. So we all went to quarantine from school Friday, the thirteenth, and then maybe seven to ten days later my daughter got sick cough fever search you have a little trouble breathing. Thought well, this can't be Kovic she's been in quarantine right? We haven't been in contact anybody in as far as I knew there was nobody at school who had had covid Right, around that time when quarantine was happening, I had a little bit of a sore throat and a headache nothing major but I did my usual kind of functional. Medicine Integrative Medicine dosing that I do and I get sick and I teach families. My husband had something similar but we we were fine then a week after Kenzi got sick she recovered ten days fever cough you know not feeling well little bit alot ish tonight a similar. She got maybe about ninety four, ninety, five percents but that's literally on Day ten. It was like the switch flipped she she bounced back and she was completely like nothing ever happened. A few days later, my son starts to get a fever and I'm like, oh no, it's going on here. Right at the time. Remember early in the days of the pandemic testing was really not available I mean that available. Right so but then even more. So I managed to get a swab and do swab my child, which is not fun experience and the Senate to quest four days later it came back negative. Okay. Maybe she caught something. Weird, right Then when Bodey start to get, he had a fever and stomach ache his tummy was hurting him so much that was his symptom and that in the fever little bit a sore throat and so I thought and even back then the early days remember we we know so much more about covid nineteen than we did back in. February march and remember this is March back in the early days we still have so much word learn right but abdominal pain was kind of maybe a symptom maybe not subdue might. So I'm thinking maybe he's got a stomach flu but in the back of my mind, I, think, okay this has to be Govan. So he he then so developing abdominal pain fever really bad headache a little bit of a cough. He started seeing things and hearing things, which is really frightening He sought a wall. Yeah. He had auditory visual hallucinations. He heard voices in his room. He would see the wall moving in and out and kind of scary people in front of him. Here's H-. You really mean people saying I mean he he said he was embarrassed to tell but really bad words right? Like you know words you wouldn't use in polite conversation and so and then he got a rash on his face and pink guys, right Thank goodness back. Then the really weren't reports of this Kawasaki Like Disease Right. Multi-system. Inflammatory Syndrome associate with children. Because if I had known about this phenomena I think I would even more freaked out than I already was right but his oxygen levels dropping he did go to about eighty eight percent at which time I did bring him to the ER. Now I was low dam up with all the supplements that I had researched. You know for Kobe nineteen both preventatively am for support. Active Illness and I fully one hundred percents. We're GONNA talk about some of the things that I did but that the interventions that I was able to do for him through the through the research really helped him to bounce back very quickly.

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