Why Health Is Not Determined By Our Health Care System with Paulette Jordan


And the answer is yes, when it comes to the highly refined saw with additives and antiquing agents completely overused to enhance flavor and highly processed food just to make it edible. But when it comes to your own kitchen, using high quality, hundred percent, real salt like Redmond's can be part of a healthy balanced diet. Now thrive, market is my go-to place to buy Redmond Salt, and all my other must have kitchen staples, and they offer twenty five to fifty percent off all their items compared to other retailers size. Save a ton of money in their different membership options make it easy to find the right fit for you and your family. You can choose from a one month or a twelve month plan and each one will save lots of money on your groceries and get you all your favorite. Healthy ingredients delivered right to your door. Thrive has a huge selection of natural and organic foods, and you can shop by Diet type. You can get entire meal ship to you. You can even get sustainably made low sugar winds for those special occasions by now thrive is offering all doctors pharmacy listeners an amazing deal. When you sign up for a new membership, you can get twenty dollars shipping credit that goes towards all your favorite natural food, body and household items. Items in anytime you spend more than forty nine dollars. You'll get free carbon neutral shipping just head over thrive market DOT, com for such Hyman to check all the awesome products that's thrive market dot com for slash timing before we jump into today's episode. I want to chat about water. Your body is sixty percent. Water water is essential for all the hundred trillion cells in your body. It helps regulate your body temperature it. It helps you digest metabolize food, transport, vital nutrients. It helps you flush out toxins. It's also vital for proper immune function. In fact, you can live about three weeks without food, but only about three days without water. However, clean water is really important I always say you can put crap in your body, and you feel like crap, so keeping crap out of your drinking. Water is really key now while it's true that our. Our bodies are equipped with very

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