Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard was having affairs with 'Pumpkin Head and 'Potato Head'


Accused his ex Amber heard of having affairs with pumpkin head. And potato head. Those were the names he used for Leonardo DiCaprio, Pumpkinhead, He's pumpkin and Channing Tatum. Potato head. Yeah, I can see that today. You thank you. The Aquaman actress at his misheard revealed that the very jealous act or That would be Mr Depp. Considered nearly all of her male co stars as a sexual threat. In a statement filed as part of his explosive libel case in London, he accused me of having affairs with Each of my co stars movie after movie Eddie Redmayne, James Franco Jim Stern, Valium and Go back. He was really worried that she was having an affair with Eddie Redmayne. I don't You know, I think I think she's throwing in Eddie Redmayne. Because that that would indicate only one race that would indicate how crazy he would be. You see, that's why go back. That's that's that's that's that's too You thought picking on Eddie? Red Man? Nobody wants to have an affair with Eddie Redmayne. Nobody. Kevin Costner, Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thornton. I would have an affair with Kevin Costner before I would have an affair with Eddie Redmayne. Oh, making making a note of that right there. Eddie Redmayne. He's there in that wheelchair. Little would have been there with you. Kevin Costner.

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