The 12 Players Most Likely to Hit .400 or Post an ERA Under 1.00 - burst 04

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B. Players. We are all round again amid season forum so as you can tell, we are back. opening day is tomorrow night Thursday never gonNA have a couple of games, and then sixty games sprint to the finish. We'll be here covering it talking about it every Wednesday from now until the end of the regular season, so be sure to resubscribe to us on the ringer MLB feed on spotify so. I've already botched one transition that I hope bobby his edited out so I'm just GONNA. Go right into what we're going to be doing today. We're GONNA have to segments of I is the return of the prediction slash over unders game, so I've created eight questions a predictions about the season that have a new miracle component. If you've listened to the show last year and twenty seventeen, you know how this works. I'm going to ask Ben and Zach to to choose either from one of two or three options or to go over under a certain total. So if you guys ready, we can get started very ready, okay? I I over under? When the NCWA women's basketball season was suspended dawn, staley south. Carolina gamecocks were number one in the country with a record of thirty, two and one how many teams will win more games than Gamecocks, so we're looking for thirty three wins

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