Assisting the Professional Photo Assistant


Jesse welcome to the show man. How's it going? Unanimous really excited. Excited to you're looking at your website is we were talking before I started recording. We're talking a little bit about some. Stuff and I brought your website up on the screen. Your work is fantastic man I've I've got lots of questions I? Know we're going to target this. We're GONNA. Talk a little bit about the social distance to photography all that, but I want to go off the rails and talk about your work as well because it's. Cool. All saw the man I'm here. I'm here to answer questions. I love it I love it, so give it give us the Jesse. ditmars sort of the origin story. You know what brought you into this crazy world of photography? And what what? What's the gravity that keeps you in orbit around it? Loaded question right. That's a long. We have. To keep us sure. Yeah exactly. I. Mean I've. I don't remember going. I've always. I've always been into arden and music and we're going to barnes and noble. Go to the book section of Shark from section, dislike pulling open some of these books by. Any LIEBOWITZ avenue iron earning Penn. Nigel Perry in the beginning was a huge. He has some great photo books and just being enamored with all the faces in. Just. The idea that I had a book in front of me that I knew was of people who are famous, and I had no idea how it was compiled by one person or purpose I just thought the images were selling interesting and I had to spend gravitating towards photography at that time of my life, my early teens and I. Just was the moment where. The rest of my life figuring that out How how do I do this thing? and that was that was really the springboard in. It's all been one kind of pretty much straight path since then to here I ended up. Working for a lot of those people for for any Liebowitz soon, the best photographers in the world is there assistance and that's how I learned to. How and Every step along the way man from college into interning into assisting into shooting and a struggle between us ASEAN shooting, and in the beginning of my career. It's all has been A. Reinforcement of kiss is something that I love to do so. That's the origin story, and now I'm here. It's been about about five years six years since I started being a fulltime freelance, photographer and I'm still still loving it. You know I get to meet the coolest people and I get to photograph people that are really accomplished end really are changing world in. Highly influential ways in the ability to stand in front of then, and and have a couple of minutes of their time, and really kind of be able to put that experience and transforming into art is deputy I do it. I love that man. What a great answer and you! You hit it right on the head. A lot of people say that the the. One of the the benefits of being a photographer is the camera and a lot of ways access your passport into situations that ordinarily wouldn't have any access to or access to people you know at the same time, which is which is really cool. I'm one of the. There's a million things to talk to you about so I'm going to try to I'm GONNA try to keep it focused. But you mentioned any Liebowitz we here. We are name all the time you know mostly in the contract fully. Yeah mostly in the context of accomplished photographer kind of the gold standard for you know if you get up to the Anti Lebron Woods level. Now you're real photography. Well, pass your science your Rockstar at that point. So how is it? How is it working for somebody with that much talent? That you know what? What does the day in the life? Look like for an assistant. That's assisting for someone like Ami. Well there's different levels right of. Sutri, for someone like anti. She has her full-time people who are on salary or their day in and day out, and then she has any number level of prevents assistance that are coming in on a needed basis in all the way down through interns who are also there for a short period of time, but day in and day out, and so it depends on where you are in. That tree is a freelance assistant I got to Canada's coming in come out of a couple of shoots and. You know for me. It was A. It was a fantastic experience. I think that. I was the best photo system I was going to be by the time I got to work with Anne which was very good for me, because I was one of six assistance on on set, and I was the. Fourth or third on the hierarchy, so I was getting asked do stuff that was not super complicated like setting up stands like setting up lights. Things that were very easy to me because I had done them thousands of times before so I was able to do that job very well without putting a ton of my brain power into a per. Se So I was able to at the time. Really kind of visualize taken everything that was happening on set. An. That was a that was awesome for me. I really enjoyed my experience You know I think it's different. It's different. Bene- first assistant as well as not to any and I. Set of experience because experiences because there's so much more. Weight on your shoulders and so much more responsibility on your shoulders to your part of the team on a day to day. Basis on, and you learn a ton doing matt to. I mean if I ever was the for going to become the first assistant Liebowitz. I probably would still be there now. I would be here so I would have a different path. so I'm really happy with what I ended up doing. There I ended up learning so much. I learned what it takes to. Have the quality that she has and the quantity of output that she has which is unrivalled in industry. I mean people. People have their qualms about her work on some people love it. Some people dislike it. I, consistently say no one else in the world is putting out the cover of vogue. The cut the cover of Vanity Fair and a Nike campaign all in a three week period it just she's the only person that can do it on because of the because of the infrastructure that she's built, and that was the biggest thing. I walked away with I I when I stopped to six Randy I said to myself right then and there. I'm not any LIEBOWITZ right now, but I'm GONNA I'M GONNA make my operation. Move as if I were and it might it might be only a tenth of the size, but I'm going to operate using the same structures and the same kind of

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