The 12 Players Most Likely to Hit .400 or Post an ERA Under 1.00 - burst 17

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Thus far. He batted three thirty four last season in his rookie year. Then he went five for eleven in the division series. So even the twins Yankees Curse couldn't stop Louis Arise from getting his head. He's a three thirty one lifetime minor league hitter, so that's just basically his baseline to this point three twenty, three in double A. and Triple A. he hits three hundred everywhere, and as Zach said it's helpful. Helpful to walk. That's one of the ways in which he is better than Sto. Sorry Williams, but he does walk in addition to not really ever striking out doesn't hit for a ton of power, but he makes good contact, and he has hi, babs, and he has never failed to hit for high averages, and I don't believe that he will fail now. All right bench, not allowed to talk anymore. You've under Williams asked to do. You are off the podcast. I stopped listening because I visit googling Cap Grass Syndrome with when people you know have been replaced by an impostor, because that's the only explanation for Ben Talking Smack about wiggins Aston.

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