The Three-Year Celebration - burst 07


CORONA vehicles cases even in the United States along with Arizona. I think Texas California. I mean right now. NBA, I think. They said that they tested one hundred thirty seven. Zero, positive results which you know, that's cool unless it's a false negative. But. Oh Michael! hearn update me Watkin as said they're not changing forlorn meals. The mentioned that too I got that from stateline sports network I believe. But Yeah I i. You know you can have your own opinion. This podcast isn't necessarily. You have to believe everything I say if you don't agree with me that. With. Trust ME I. I don't have. A big number in terms of listeners, which is okay, but. Same time you know you're going to have your own opinion if you think that it's a Crock, that's fine. My personal opinion is. You know we're living in more enlightened times, and you know if you learn that that's basically. Pretty much the N. Word for Nave Americans then you go, but. Again, going back to will be see high school football. I certainly hope so because I miss broadcasting. Miss Announcing. I Miss Ports I miss working in sports. This, this year has been tough. Who thought that? High start off this year. All Hey, one of my hockey calls gets on ESPN's top ten for January six. It was one of those Michigan goals. Where you're behind the goal line, you hit it off and then Bam. That was Harry Hall Second, mentioning Goal but that was the first one I. believe that got videotaped are streamed by yours truly so that was really cool, and then everything else kind of fell part March. These. Get some college baseball and I got four games and I reached my five hundred. Game as public address announcer, so that was really cool, too,

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