What Is Ben Greenfield's Current Daily Routine?


I will. This is the this is the part of the show where I give you research. Is that part of the show and voice? No I. Per Shore Change my voice. And on you know I, I spent a lot of time in the morning. Reading research articles, and find some of the more interesting or compelling, sexy or head turning ones that I tweet them. And generally have some good comments and conversations on twitter, going on about this research. And then I picked some of the better ones, and talk about them on the podcast and I'll link to all of the different articles and pieces of research. We're about to talk about. If you just go to the show notes which are going to be at Ben Greenfield fitness dot com slash four one five. That's been grief fitness dot com slash four, one five I. Think at some point of the past couple of weeks we got confused may have completely skipped. Gather was. Would we skip for thirteen or Were one. Of them. I don't know not that anybody cares. But if regular podcast listening, you might notice that we jumped from episode for thirteen to four fifteen or something like that, but today's episode you gotTa. Ben Greet dentist dot com slash four fifteen there. That wasn't confusing. Enough and speaking of numbers beginning numbers I WANNA. Start with something fun. I don't know if you saw this article. J, but there is. This article came out about body hacks. Body acts thirteen body acts what science says about the new shortcuts to health and wellness and I actually thought this was pretty interesting so. Let, let let's do a rapid fire of these body number one looking at the color green can make you more creative when you think to revolts, I didn't even know this was the thing. I'M GONNA. Go ahead and say that I pretty sure I saw neuroscience paper about this and the answer is true. The answers to the color green can aid creative task unit era of creativity. Paint the room green. We're green, T shirt, or some green socks or green underwear and There's actually wonderful book I read that gets more into the science of color and is called drunk tank pink, and if you want to know how to really tweet color like what shirt to wear if you. You want people to trust you if you're web designer, what color to make the button on your website to get people more likely to click by like it's got everything in there, and by the way those two colors that just eluded to our blue for trust, an orange for the buy button on website, but that really gets drunk tank pink. Go Site if you've implemented them. We'll see maybe I'm have actually. You want people to trust me. Maybe I want people to be creative on my website, so it's all green right. Maybe when people get depressed, so it's black Okay, so number two rubbing pressure points on your body can prevent migraines. What do you think? So I mean. I would think that this sounds right. Maybe I'm just gullible to all of it, so let's say yes. True to that one, too. There are specific acupressure points that seem to in some cases alleviate the. Pain that people receive from migraines. Particularly, however they have also noted that. If you place pressure anywhere in the body, it seems to induce a placebo effect as long as that person is told that that pressure on that part of the body is going to alleviate headache,

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