Does Labour's compensation to anti-Semitism whistleblowers draw a line under the Corbyn era? And why covid shouldn't drive us back to cars - burst 5

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Think they already have I think the moment. Boris Johnson said, go back to work. At people in was A. Really noticed that he changed following Monday morning. We were straight back to where we were and the number of people I've just met personally. He commented how pull the air became when we got back. Causing violence I can get everybody's aware. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCES MARRIED? So it can be done then we can safely go back to work without having to rely on cars to get us there. In awful lot of cases, one of the figures that alway he's preyed on my mind A. if you look at it, national travel data the bulk of journeys in this country, the bulk of Carjon is are extremely sold. Off of our Collagen these are undefined miles. Most of those are done with one person in the car. It's an incredibly inefficient way to get out in urban settings and so many of those journeys, not all of them, but a huge number could be done by bike. And that's Selena you'll find more on these stories in the Evening Standard and online at Standard Dakota UK we also have morning briefings available at seventy and three or smart speaker. Just ask for the news from the Evening Standard. This podcast is back tomorrow at four PM.

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