How Sasha Merci and Dee Nasty Found Their Comedic Calling

Latina to Latina


So. Do you to know each other? Okay, so my family and her family were friends way before we were even born, so we were always see to their at family gatherings when we were younger, and then we started getting very close in our teenage years. And that's when we find that. We were identical. Identical yes Indian. D- what was Sasha like as a kid? Sasha was very artistic like I remember when I would see Sasha's especially, because when we were kids, we kind of hated hearing about each other, because our parents were kind of against each other like my mother would always be like Oh. You Know Sasha is doing a plane school in her middle school and high school. And I, and then her aunt, who was had would be like. Oh, well, you know D- Get straight as all the time so. Tired of hearing each other about each other all the time I don't even want to hear, but what we started becoming a little older, and we were forming our own opinions about one another I just remember her being so bad cystic always drawing, always thinking always creating. So loving energy always the first thing you would see when you see especially when she was younger well still. You know as a first impression is. She would always argue she has always like loving, so that was how I remember her as a kid. Sasha! What was do you like? D. was very smart like I. Just knew if you WanNa, know something is I d, Goretti, she. She knew facts all the time, so my aunt was telling me that she has straight as I was very impressed by how young she was, and how she was how she was able to articulate herself and I'm like man animal. He'd been an artsy fartsy and I can't even express myself like she. She can, but. One of the things that I do definitely remember as has a huge heart, and she's just willing to help anybody she she's. She's willing to save everybody and that's one thing I admire about her. She's amazing. Do when you were kids. Did you think that comedy was in the cards for you? I knew that it was going to be in the cards. In some shape or form at come from a very funny family, everyone's always roasting each other. And then my older brother also was very into comedy, and there was one TV how I would have to, but he was watching because there was another option, and he at a very early age I knew about Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy. So I knew that I wanted to do it because. It was something that will show my humor, and also my phone very strongly about something where I wanted to just talk about some recently learned the vile that can be a sluice fast, but if you make it into humor, if you make it funny that everybody wants to listen to it. And Sasha for you know. I didn't think comedy Liz. Ever going to be something that I was going to pursue because I wanted to be a singer. I wants to be the next Whitney. Houston and I didn't like her, but I wanted to make songs and. Just, people were always tell me like you're funny like you're you have a for a funny personality or you not to make jokes, and that also stems from my family, because we don't know how to be serious and if anything. That's. Dramatic happens in the family. We always tend to figure out what's funny, but they also put me onto Dave Chapelle Eddie Murphy and all these. Great giants that I look up to these these days you know.

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