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Ninety three point one KFBK eight thirty one this is bill white a new study three point one KPK with our continuing coverage along with Kate because Amanda Carroll Tim lance and KPK news team are monitoring the situation not only around the nation but here in Sacramento list first start with Kate because Amanda Carroll and what was the latest from your vantage point once you've kind of reset you came on the R. five o'clock this afternoon and if you started your weekend live show and we we went into this coverage and it really wasn't a result of what was happening here in Sacramento but what was happening the hot flash places around the country yes I mean we just saw it boiling over you know I think it's there was still daylight in Sacramento when on the east coast as soon as the sun set things became more violent there were protests all day that were somewhat tamer we saw the lines of police trying to push people back but nothing violent as soon as it gets dark on the east coast things turned in that feels like with everyone posting on their social media and there's growing then it spreads to the west coast and you see all of these demonstrators growing in and I mean I'm I'm watching this video on the black lives matter Sacramento page talking about you know people are asking why is this turning so violent and they're saying it's because it's a rebellion not a riot that's the way this organization sees these growing in here in Sacramento here there is six hundred maybe a little bit more than that out on the streets today we are the worst of it here in Sacramento again not what's happening across the country as violent as that but there was some they were throwing water bottles traffic cones at officers there was one CHP officer that's a minor injuries from what they said was a projectile probably a water bottle or one of those traffic cones went back to duty also you could here there was sound earlier that I heard and found a video of people it kicking in the windows of the jail downtown in Sacramento those windows were shattered the other problem that happened in Sacramento today graffiti graffiti sprayed on the tower bridge some state buildings the F. bomb was sprayed on the front of the jail in downtown with spray paint also the statues at the California state library were defaced that there is to very Greek like statues and the entrance and their faces were spray painted black and the F. bomb was spray painted on the outside of that beautiful building and also a black lives.

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