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Memories for Lenny are is lengthy as his body meaning, not pretty short, I guess because he was a known cheater material he was, you know, Rock star. There's a VH one behind the music. Where MTV Cynthia Garrett tells the story about Nina Cherry, who recorded a song Buddy X, which was the name that Lenny Kravitz used to check into other hotels that women would meet up with him. And basically, she called them out about cheating at least bunny in a song when she was on tour with him. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, right. There we go. So thank you. We've clarified that. Yeah, buddy X, and he knew it and they know and they don't care And she went on, Teo, be mayor. Into this, you know, Unequally is heart of a guy and be the 10 year older woman. I know Jason Momoa. Hi. No, I mean That's the book I want to read when she gets her own to write in her story, Right? Tell me if you want to read this one. Yeah. T m I my life in scandal, Okay? Night Perez Hilton yet because we have a history with Yeah, right, totally have a history with them. We were here before him. Yes, we were and he was carried on our air. But in 2004 when Perez Hilton and that was the first step And our, um, being able to Get to Gaza. Faster because it was on the Internet was on the Internet. You aren't having like, okay, there wasn't just a place. We didn't have to go to Shin Ders. And by yes, you know, the Daily Mail or the New York Post. Rocco. I mean, really think about it that 18 years a lot as chant changed, But Perez like we loved his gossip site because it was instantaneous pictures, and we names like 20 wrote about people. And so I hated that the worst thing that he ever would do is he thought it was Is right is a gay man toe out other people. That was his big thing. Remember, when you would out everybody he would draw Weiner but yeah, we went out everybody for their sexuality. Well, yeah, he got busted on that. But he was a name calling Petty B. I wass from the very beginning, Which was one of the things that made the show are his thing. His website fun because it was a play on Paris Hilton, the prez, but he was always Lindsay Lohan and, you know, e mean he with his granite was like for us. It was just like kind of We went to his website a long time. And he was also on our airways for like an update. And we've interviewed I Madam. He was terrible on the air. Terrible. Absolutely. Yeah. Rocker. We carried like them over that record. Um, yeah, he didn't translate. Well, um He just said it and he was just so catty and mean when you had his own certain issues, And then when somebody would call him overweight or something, you freak out. That's all he did. Yeah. Alright, So he's got a book. Let me just tell you about right OK, because he also Is being catty because he has his whole thing is, um, he is 42 years, John. He was your only two years when he started this place. And if you think about it, and one of the he founded Press Hilton in 2004, he was unbelievably popular. But he couldn't realize Thie how many people hated him as well. Right? Was he 24 then or something in his twenties when he started and he said, um, he would sense Perez is what happened. Is a Rutgers University's student, Tyler Clementi, died by suicide by jumping off a bridge in 2010. His roommate had used a spy camera Tio spy in him. Johnny was inside kissing. A man invited those garages, and Perez offered his. He used his sight out. Celebrities without their Dan Savage started a campaign called Make, It gets better in so that other kids like a za message, and Perez Tried to join on that. Then people pointed out all the times that Perez has outed people unbelievable. And that's when the backlash. That's when he first realized that people did not like like him at all in a Perez Hilton bubble, yes. He said. I finally understood that the things I wrote generally hurt people. So, he says, Consider my book T m I a mea culpa with stories that often revolve around how Hilton moved in the quarters of celebrity, then weaponized. From his side against those he felt wronged. And one of them was era Ariana Grande Day, and this is kind of interesting, but I don't remember. We'd kind of quit really quickly in front. And for me. The more interesting thing was that he was such good friends with Lady Gaga for such a long time. And Houston er, that's I feel like that's how we even knew about Lady Gaga was Prez Hilton that he wrote about her. He went and I mean, I feel like New York and when she played at the fine line, you know the bubble dress thing. I mean, he Lady Gaga understood and probably her record. Encourage that thing because he was for such a long time because he was even before team Z people forget that right? You know, because his influence sort of went away. I think it took a hit in that 26 years. It makes Make it for all of that, you know, and right, But we were done with him by them. We queen like so long ago. Great. We really had because there were other better, smarter ways. And sometimes I get tired of like, always the angle. Yeah, but he did. Really, With Lady gaga. They were hand in hand, and they were really, really good friends. Yeah, but he does admit it was when she was really drinking, and he was really drinking that that was a big part of their Friendship was partying together, right? You know, when people know how that is. You know, something comes in from out of town and your friend A. We're going to go up it up. All of that, so, but she would be in the thing. But then that story I read that. They were like drinking and maybe doing cocaine..

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