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Paul Rudd does not age. No. Oh my God, that man is so handsome. Yes. But that baby in that scene is 15 years old right now. Can you believe that? That's crazy. Oh my gosh, wild. Can be a guest tomorrow. Up next, lizzo and her man just made their red carpet debut and you know I was there for it. I took this picture right here. Plus Chris Pratt's telling us all about doing stunts and heels. You don't want to miss this daily pop. So Lonnie, I hear you got to hang with our girl, lizzo this weekend. It's about Tam time. Tell us everything. I know. I was so excited. I actually moderated her wife C event for her new show on Amazon Prime called watch out for the big girls. And how cute you look? Oh, you know what? It was so fun. Oh, I need that. Her and I, that's Valentino head to toe that she had on. And we set for an hour. And when I say we talked and we cried and we showed clips of her show and she was there with her boyfriend, Mike Wright, and he is such and this is the thing you know how people get a little like when they don't really know you, they kind of like, so he comes into the green room, he really don't know me, you know, and I said, yeah, and I said, yeah, because in Detroit, he's awake. You're from Detroit? Yeah. And he parks right up. If we started doing shots and everything and he's such a nice and you can tell that it's a genuine love that they have for each other. So I'm just very happy for her. This actual show on Amazon Prime is for her to find some dancers. Because she's growing as her tour. She has like 8, but she needed another ten, and so she decided to do a comedy competition. And this is the thing about lizzo. She cares enough that she's sticking true to who she is. She wants plus size women. She wants to help them. And you think, you know, that's not that many plus size there's so many plus size dancers out there. And she's giving her an opportunity. So great job. I had a great time. Now, what would happen if dinosaurs really roamed the earth? Um, you'll find out in Jurassic World Dominion, Justin got the claws out with the cast to talk dangerous dinah, dinos, scary stunts, and high heels. You know, I just have to get my nails done today. Yeah, it looks good. It looks really good. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Now when I heard you guys were bringing the OGs back, I thought you meant the beige heels. I bought the ticket to see the beige. Yeah, no, well, you will be gravely disappointed. If you, if you came to dimini and to see me and yell, 'cause it doesn't happen. Not once. Could you ever do a stunt? I can't tell so hard to talk to you with the reason. Go ahead, go ahead. Good. Could you ever see yourself doing a stunt with those heels on? That's hard work. Me? Yeah. For sure. You could do it. You think you can. I've seen him run in heels. It's true. I'm dead serious. I've seen him run in heels that were the size of his feet. Which those are some big heels. Yeah. Give me some pumps in 13 and I'll prove to you. He's an athlete. Everybody hold on to somebody. I went to see the movie and there's this moment. Everyone's like chill and there's this moment that you have to jump in the water. And.

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