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That's the Gilroy police to the department chief Scott smithy the reporting in the first press conference on the mass shooting at the gill Rory a northern California you're right garlic festival on Sunday and he stayed in of for the talent ease and fifteen injured at this point at this point apparently the the one suspect was killed the they believe there was another suspect but don't know the involvement of the other suspect and apparently that they got into this festival through a fence near a creek and actually from what has been reported with the police chief has said cut the fence in order to get in and they had a some some kind of rifle that they that they use in fact that you spent the saying on that other suspect really the reports the only information we had was that people reported somebody leaving the scene that appear to be associated with that so I don't know what they might have in terms of it in he mentioned and he was asked by a member of the media did you have security cameras on site he said no but you can bet that the we looking at security cameras that adjacent about maybe gas stations or anything else that they can pull so they can maybe see evidence of vehicles coming and going individuals that may look suspicious in those videos and there they plan on having another press conference in the morning again chief smithy there in Gilroy and mayor Velasco before him speaking to the media three dead in Gilroy garlic fest in Gilroy California eight six six ninety redeye coming up more.

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