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How much digging to make the rivers run clean, scattered showers overnight with thunderstorms developing. I'm staying Lear. Here's what's trending this hour, a two billion dollar. Indianapolis construction project is halfway finished. Eric Berman reports miles of tunnel from Southport to Meridian Kessler will all but eliminate in these products. You're overflows citizens energy CEO. Jeffrey Harrison says there are on pace to finish. In twenty twenty four day are about four hundred million dollars under budget point four billion dollar projects were also currently today, maybe as much as a year ahead of schedule. I ten miles up to just south of soil stadium are up and running another four miles of the Doug, but still need to have concrete liners on the near north side. Eric Berman Ninety-three WIBC mobile new the Indiana supreme court has thrown out the state law. Finding railroads for blocking rail crossings too long. The court says only congress can regulate railroads in Indiana suicide. Is the second leading cause of death for young people. Chris Davis reports it's even higher among those who are LGBTQ. That's why the Indiana Youth group exists to let people know, regardless of sexual orientation that they are valued we work with the number of us who have made attempts at suicide. Paulsen CEO of the youth group says you could be that one person in someone's life who keeps them from committing suicide. Chris Davis, Ninety-three WIBC mobile news. I'm staying Lear on the level on the go on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC.

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