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Chevron in the new year across much of the us i'm carmen roberts fox news a warning from experts for this new year's eve hypothermia israel and it can kill you with wind chills below zero in many cities lots of them are canceling their new year's celebrations so how low cannot go the arctic blast is gripping areas from the northern plains to the deep south it's just going to be absolutely frigid already seeing some of these really low temperatures you're looking at spots down into the negative teens or even negative '20 but she added that wind chill and that's going to be an issue throughout the next couple of days it feels much colder the feels like temperature in areas in north dakota getting downton negative forty degrees at this point in all of this cold air is only going to settle deeper into the country now there has been a little bit of snow out in front of the system across portions of a running up the mid atlantic into new wing that continues but it's light fox meterologist adam cloth the new year's eve celebration will go on though in new york city today a dry run for the times square ball drop hey so and it's going to be ice for the up to two million people expected tomorrow night the temperature likely to be around ten degrees a wind windshield of at least two below and it may be the coldest ball drop in new york city history new york city police say they are ready to protect revelers and times square thousands of officers and thousands of surveillance cameras will be working bombsniffing dogs will check people as they enter the barricaded areas and the brotherinlaw of martin luther king junior and a founding member of the martin luther king center.

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