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The region and fiber up Nikki McDonald Tyra writer the basket on the position Errol brown who's gonna break it'll be there Paul six on the shot clock look for in bounds deep in the corner two Hodges Hodges drives through the lane staff slips up me baby hook the won't go on a rebound grabbed by Hoffman get to to I three times it to Snyder pushes Riley Snyder that would you from the left ankle and it's a four point game twenty nine twenty here we choose not to fall out of bounds for side of the court the top the winters rock whose will keep it the falcons have cut a sixteen point lead before substitutions for airforce hilly Jones replaces puffin Kaelin animals back in Broncos work the ball after the bomb they have a top of the circle twelve on the shop floor Christopher way out on the end all right lives it inside get in to wire in the choir the tallest player on the floor use this six five advantage to her advantage and scores inside she's got eight first bucket first points for the Broncos in awhile we needed thirty one twenty five is able left baseline were to wait a little muscle weight in it's for two thirty one twenty seven fifty five people the second yes inside from Hodgins to wire the choir reverse layup scores making snap wire inside she's got to thirty three twenty seven six point game two and a half till halftime three times a lobby inside warm Snyder a high pass Snyder got a couple hands on it couldn't control it Broncos come away with the rock Christopher Myers of past inside for the runner by Warner won't goal which she's foul on the play the final is on air forces McDonnell at the line only Warner it's the first free throw she's seventy six percent from the line on the season the Broncos as a team seventy six percent well the season that first small Donald right Warner hits a boat thirty five twenty seven we see tool five left in the second and here's a whiner from the left side hi Kayla this good he was close to being outside the three point arc but it's going to be counted as a two point.

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