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That historic project over in tremont that they did i mean how many rivers can do a job like that come all right i mean let's face it here we should run down just some of the restaurants and i indicated zacks going to be joining us as well because he's he's started a dynasty hear much like yourself i mean when we remember talking zaki started with i like maybe twenty some people and now he's got close to five hundred or i wonder okay there you go how about the loser's rundown of you here we've got uh let's see edwards restaurant overrun shaker square area aaron height flying fig we've got some let's see dawn's lighthouse boy that's an institution there and although you they've been around for many many years yeah we got night town over there and cleveland heights what you want some good jazz as a good place to go law the troll ads course that's part of his ex chain the woods over in phnom over iraqi river they were two of at they're the ones that started the finest order contest by the way those pastries that you provided for the finest order contests were outstanding fake now what the explain those still us again met participated were elated with our lady the we send a couple of weeks ago what what was that desert that you put together it's a little um gourmet sandwiches cookie that we developed a couple of years ago we deal tons of charity working human there's always um you know restaurants kind of days in at these charity events that a lot of restaurants will get together and bring food stamps links in the restaurant well if you're familiar with melting our foods big involved and bonded but at the same time it doesn't really apply itself to wh two traveling very well to in max uh mass quantities to do these big events so we developed a small guomai sandwich cookie a couple of years ago to represent the carmaker cheese that we do with the restaurant every day so it's a little um we call it a graham cracker cream pie cookie it's got a nice little chris sweet graham cracker crust on the top in the bottom them we make a really nice the della um powdered sugar filling of the inside really simple and easy but but very good and people seem to really love them i adarin.

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