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Advertisers. New Jersey one on 1.5 news time 707 Now New Jersey one on 1.5 Instant weather looks cold and active at times going into the weekend. We'll see one or two snow showers around maybe far South Jersey is we have through the United Mauer's lows down into the teens. The stunning on Friday, and his mentions still pretty cold pies around 30. Round of maybe some light, snow again looks possible Saturday. A little sweeter. Freezing rain could mix in highs in the upper twenties. The low thirties a wintry mix early Sunday, then drying up highs in the low to mid thirties. Another significant weather system might be in store early next week. Meteorologist. Mark Thibodeau, Morristown, 30 Somers, 300.30, Piscataway 29, New Jersey One on 1.5 Is your cove in 19 Vaccination Information station, Go to N. J one on 15 dot com slash coronavirus to find out how you can make an appointment. And for a list of vaccination science in your area on Lian, NJ, one on 15 dot com slash coronavirus. New Jersey one A 1.5 our own radio station in New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey. Janey, one of one boy, What the hell are you doing here from the streets of In the city to your night time. Radio Steve Travel East keeps you in Jersey. No. 17 11. I'm Uncle in line. Steve Family, Sonny Jersey one, a one point The thing that Steve's lab golden by 1 802 831 on 1.5, Can you believe it is Thursday night already here in New Jersey? We got a good show for you. Tonight Jerseys. Opening lines coming up in 10 way are going to be given away Family. Four packs blue vest tickets for you and the family can go have a good time. CW show it is bad room and we'll give you all the details. Shut up tonight. 10 to 11 Special.

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