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Colonel Denny Yong. This is the final formation for this week on frontlines of freedom. Okay. It's mailbag time. I welcome comments from you our listeners, please send me your thoughts at Denny at frontlines of freedom dot com or by Facebook. Hey skip. What's I Pete from Houston? Really enjoyed co-host skips show. He wonders why anti-gun can't see that laws only restrict honest, people not criminals. Pete drugs are illegal now in anyone can get any city in the nation. That is sort of a dumb thing isn't a skip yet. It sure is an ideological. That's the thing. Okay. Who's next Mary who was an army nurse wants to know, if you're absolutely sure that our military has imprisoned our soldiers for killing the enemy Mary. I know it to be true for sure I know personally several soldiers who are now on parole as convicted murderers. Okay. Now, it's time to honor deceased veteran who served our country. Well, the remains of pilot who was killed during World War Two and was declared missing in action. His remains identified. Lawrence Dixon was killed in a crash in Europe seventy four years ago next month Dixon, with a twenty four year old captain one hundredth fighter squadron when he took off at a p fifty one Mustang fighter plane from a base in Italy conducted aerial reconnaissance mission on December twenty third nineteen forty four during the return flight Dixon's engine failed and his plane was seen crashing along the Italy Austria border searches for the crash site run successful in two thousand twelve in American recovery team found a crash site in Austria after receiving information from an Austrian researcher the team found wreckage matching Dixon's hypoth- fighter skeletal remains were later identified as Dixon's through DNA samples provided by his daughter Maria. Andrus Andrus was two years old when her mother received notification that her husband was missing in action. She was born in a hospital. In Harlem, New York where Phyllis and Lawrence Dixon. We're living when he enlisted in the army a South Carolina native who loved music play the electric guitar Lawrence Dixon, winter to ski Alabama for training and a formed African American air squadron the story to ski airman would shatter aviation and racial barriers during World War Two qualified as a pilot Dickson flew with the three thirty second fighter group's one hundredth fighter squadron illness the red tails where the color of the aircraft's tails Phyllis Dickson died last December at ninety six in Nevada. Her daughter said Lawrence Dixon, would be buried March. Twenty second with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Rest in peace, Kevin Dixon. I like that story. That's nice. I'm glad they found him. Yes. Well, now staffer military history lead out skip on eleven December seventeen seventy seven during the revolutionary war. General George Washington began marching twelve thousand soldiers of his army from white Marsh to Valley Forge Pennsylvania for the winter as Washington began crossing the sky kill river. They were surprised by British troops led by General, Charles Cornwallis, Cornwallis found them by chance as he was foraging for supplies in the hills outside Philadelphia upon spotting the British troops Washington retreated across the sky kill river, where they destroyed the bridge to prevent the British from pursuing them after engaging. British for a short time across the river. Washington's army retreated back to white Marsh delaying their March to Valley Forge for several days. The continental army finally arrived safely at valley. Forge on December nineteen where they would face a winter starvation disease and death while they suffered the Prussian military advisor. Frederick Wilhelm Augusta. Steuben also known as baron von Steuben drilled, the miserable men in proper military discipline. Von Steuben joined the French-born marquee Lafayette and baron Johann DeKalb as well as Thaddeus Kosciusko and count. Casimir? Pulaski from Poland in the effort to turn the ragtag rebels into a well-trained regimen. Come spring Washington would have a professional army with which to fight the British. And he did. L A tens of December eighteen sixty four during the civil war union general William Sherman completed his March to the sea arriving in front of Savannah, Georgia. So it's mid November sherman's army had been sweeping from Atlanta across the state short, savannah. One of the last seaport still controlled by the confederates along the way, Sherman destroyed farms and railroads Bernstorff houses and fetish army off the land. The city of savannah has fortified and defended by ten thousand confederates under general, William hardy, the rebels flooded the rice fields around savannah, so only a few narrow causeways provided access to the city sherman's army was running low on supplies, and he had not made contact with supply ships off the coast sherman's army had been completely cut off from the north and only the reports of the destruction provided any evidence of their whereabouts Sherman directed general Oliver Howard to the coast to locate friendly ships Howard dispatched, captain William Duncan to contact the union fleet. But nothing was heard from him for several days. Fortunately, Dunkin had located a union gunboat. The carried him to Hilton Head South Carolina and supply ships were sent to savannah for ten days hardy held out as Sherman prepared for an attack, then realizing. Futility losing his force entirely. Hardy fled the city on December. Twentieth to fight another day wise move on twelve December nineteen fifty during the Korean war, the first marine division closed into hung nam having cut its way through six Chinese divisions. Killing approximately twenty thousand of the enemy on the way to the sea from Chosin reservoir legend has it that the division commander Major General Smith supposedly characterized the operation with retreat. Hell we're just attacking in a different direction. I love that. And I bet he did say, well, that's military history. Today. Skip is time for America report. What do you have this week? All of us here. Frontlines of freedom. One our listeners to get trained and get armed in that order, we fully support the right to keep him very arms for all law-abiding families. And we encourage you to find out about the laws governing use deadly force in your state and follow them to let letter. And of course, don't forget to follow the rules of safety and common sense. Whenever you're carrying a firearm to protect the ones you love. What's the story this week curdled well having the security system didn't protect the Florida woman against a break in by her ex boyfriend, but having an armed son did the man approaches ex-girlfriend's house one day about one AM the woman received a security alert and called the police, but her ex fled before the police arrived a few hours later the man returned and disregarded. The security system broke into the house, the woman's adult son shot the intruder as he made his way toward the bedroom of a younger sibling, the woman's ex-boyfriend jumped from a second story window and ran the police soon tracked him down he was taken to a hospital and charges. Repenting police ruled a justifiable shooting. Thanks any. There's so much to talk about in the story. But I'm going to limit it to two aspects of home defence. I nothing. Good happens as.

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