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Hey, what's up guys? Steve I just finished been watching dead. To me. You've heard a lot about it. But if you're on the pinch, you've got to watch it funny. It's creepy. You know, I saw this story the other day. Do you ever notice that sometimes I wonder what would happen if now? Julius random thoughts. He looks like that puppet. I don't know a he said, she can't plan. It's just random. That's all it is. Get goals. We're just tweeting and tweeting, I have the giggles over is. It's hard to talk and have the Ramona eyeglasses on at the same time will because first of all, you can't see. Well, I pumped little holes in them. Oh, you did not big enough. Okay. The big thing has happened today. Somewhere in my pile of piles, Laurie. Oh here it is. What is it all the new, I know you won't allow me talk about the state fair, but I'm gonna mention oh day they released all the F D items you like some of it, too, in your needs some of it for lunch and you were glad it was here. I was glad it was here. You were glad it was here. So you tried the some new things from the big, big blue barn, Cornflake chicken and, you know, I am more sensitive about the F A I R than usual this year is because your summers halfway over in your arm. Isn't it s l and g you were correct? Yeah. You haven't been able to do your festival ING. But remember you went to the New Orleans jazz fest. And then I went in, I did go to Vegas in Mexico. I did go to like. After my surgery. No, I know don't cry for me Argentine. I know I realized that it was pretty me and my place. But I'm just saying it is just wondering if you pick up on it. Yeah. No. I mean, like done like one or two fun things in the summer usually, I'm very active. I know you know, just kind of going out and stuff. So I just kind of feel like what so we also have tipsy pies, tipsy P con tarred here, which is d Lesch. Okay. So I've got a Google thing for you to do right now. Lovely Sanni or Laura. Do it. Wanna know who? Ami RI Marie Currie C. You are. I think she's a. No. She says scientists are first lady scientists, she was a polish the physicists and Kevin did you ever read the incredible life of Madame Curie? No. No. Did you? Yes. Well, of course you did. And I can't believe how you remember all this crap? I think you just make it up knowing that I had to read the book and do a book report on it. That is. Why is memorable? I had to go to the library. Do this old fashioned thing. Go to an index card find the book. I mean know how fun. Oh, yeah. Much easier kids. They really don't have to use person woman to win a Nobel prize new, I said the Nobel peace prize. And you now the only woman to win it twice scientific fields. Okay. So Simion who is a gal who works in England. She asked her co workers because they said, what do you on your birthday cake? What he wants because I've got Maria Mariah Carey. So imagine her surprise got Madame Curie. Right. Marie Currie but they called her Madame curate. And she has no idea a who that is 'cause she's like me, and Ronnie, and didn't have to do the book report. Don't know all of our historic should have a movie. You know she died in. Sanitarium in Switzerland, like at sixty five or sixty six because she was exposed to radiation in her research, a really. Yeah. She's like she's something. Yeah. She developed the things to give how we do rays. I mean she's like her name. She'd be known. All right. So now we know Marie Currie. Yes. Okay. So does Madame Curie? They showed this, this morning on Kelly, and Brian, but it was Kelly. And Marcus Willis, I like those do when they're together they have great chemistry there, very fun together. She is a pencil. She saw teeny, tiny bit, her dress today was darling. I wanted it. I wanted it on your look like Oscar de LA Renta, oh, flower print. I love address that is made up out of Bo ks of flowers in the right cut and the right fabric. Oh, that was so cute. I know. So maybe you're going to get hurt or Liz owes green dress that birthdays next month on everyone knows July's month. Blurry, yeah. As I'm getting the as, as the years have gone on though. I'm not I'm not wanting to celebrate for a whole month because even though I always do I know even though I always end up doing doing so are you finding that you're not the world note isn't that it's it isn't that? No. It's going to start. Once it starts. It doesn't stop until the end of July. I mean, I've got plans. No gills. Oh, okay. I'm making plans for July. Does this. Okay. All right. So other things that are happening. And I hope I'm doing some fun things with you. I think some of the plans to include you, because I know I have a bunch of fun stuff in August with, you know, one you asked if you could save overnight in, we've, we've got concerts being he has to. I don't know about him. Yeah. Okay. This guy his name is Scott Nash. And he's mom's organic market founder and CEO he decided he was sick of expiration labels and all the food that in his later and everyone's frigerator that school's bad, because we throw it out. And the exact expert. I don't I don't. I've even gone gone so far to scratch out or peel off things. So case does no San annoyed that the one thing is yes, you just smell it. You smell anything in that will tell you there is. We'll tell you spend, I yogurt I feel like that lasts forever. So he said his he started eight. He ate a Cup of yogurt months after the expiration date. That's pretty then tortillas that were a year past their expiration date. He had heavy cream ten weeks past the date do. And we'll must have smelled it and meat. Sometimes is good pass the date. It didn't smell Batty rinsed it off, and it was good to go, but his year long experiment was aren't they trying to get that change? Some of the, the thing that I used by or best if used by all very confusing terms. They're trying to do it because so many people throw out. Fleet seat if sir, two days, he goes bad aches to me last a month or six, if you even if you make are boiled ones tweet. That's exactly what I do. I hard by those exit. I make him egg salad. Never knows. No, you X. They can last forever forever and a day. All right. You see out of your glasses 'cause you've got a lot of tape marks from your Ramona is out, Twitter and.

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