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Bugged you about Christmas that kind of maybe almost run your Christmas spirit I tell you what I just get so annoyed with people the way people drive and you get out in it if you take the kids to go somewhere or or if you go shopping or whatever there's always some knuckle head out there that's got a beach into the flag and get around you and get around everybody else or tail gate your something but rob if if if everyone's good driver might be have a job right out of the job I did you say everything looks great there's no problems clean and green I'm not even sure what you're doing from the UC of traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care and outstanding patient experiences there is quite a backup now southbound seventy five due to an accident down around Turfway the left lane is blocked and it's got traffic heavy all the way back to the cut in the hills so if you're headed southbound on seventy five be prepared to be patient an accident south seventy one in the Kim would cut in the hill has traffic heavy back above the Ronald Reagan they've cleared a couple accidents still with the little bit of a backup remaining things are much improved nor seventy five between Turfway and Donaldson and east to seventy five approaching Loveland Madeira you've got accidents Kenwood road north of Kugler mill and on Glenn way Avenue and west born traffic is stop and go north seventy five Mitchell to paddock south seventy five crowded from the lateral to seventy four than liberty down into the cut in the hill nor seventy one a crowd from data Montgomery to stored in the construction there eastbound on the lateral traffic is heavy from reading over to seventy one I'm rob Williams newsradio seven hundred WLW the forecast from seven hundred WLW weather center for tonight partly cloudy.

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