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I try to use it for work and promoting things. But at the same time like I don't wanna do any paid posts. I don't wanna do anything like that. I don't wanna do anything. That's not me. That's not Patrick. I don't care if it's. For hey, take this money up front. Like, no, I'm going to go in on companies that I believe in and stuff and use social media to help push that forward help to push brand forward help to push the films that I'm working on stuff. Like that. I'm not into you know, hey, this red ribbon company give me x amount of money and put it out there. And pretend that I'm someone that I'm not, and that's a big thing with social media. And you see so many people pretending to be something that they're not. I mean, you I mean, I've been in LA I'm in West Hollywood, I'm in Hollywood, which is that of it. All. Capital of all of this stuff. And you see these people on on social media that that you're like, you know, sometimes you had a coffee. I'll be like, oh, that's that person has like whatever that pretend to be this. Then you meet them in real life. And they're totally not like that. Or they're pretending to continue to be like that to put up a front of who they are. And it's so it's such an interesting world of I still can't even understand it fully in, you know, one of my things that I really wanted to ask you, Patrick, and I'm I'm super intrigued by this is on the having the first generation of some type of success in my family. And now as my son talked about an eighth grade, and my kids get older like kind of passionate down teaching it and you come from a pedigree. That's just undeniable on both sides. Yeah. Mom and your dad. So it's like was business just ever so present or the dialogue that I'm trying to get to wake. Is it? Just what you do what you've seen 'cause you might not know anything else that you know, what I'm right there. So intrigued by this business. Is something that my dad and mom both kind of put into my head. When I was a little kid. I mean, you know, I started with doing things like lemonade stance. You know, literally. Whatever you're doing it as young kids learning about. Okay. I'm putting this much crystal light or whatever into my water, and it's costing me a few dollars. Now, I have to do it for this. What's the markup like simple things teaching kids young? There goes the first business that I ever ran was here, which was my dad's memorabilia, which was all for charity. Sure. But he was like when I started to get interested in business. He was like, look I have this. I'm selling photos of myself. I'll sign them I'm selling. That was really about it. And he was like wanted this over you get to of your friends or something, and you learn about business and do what you want, and I'll do it with you. And I was like great. So I was like how about we start doing t shirts. This was before the deal with. With chip. T shirts. So at the classic you were all the memorabilia all for six years, and we took it from a business doing little few thousand dollars two years. We were doing fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars nice that involved my dad giving up his Conan's sword, which probably wasn't that happy about. But it was it was for charity. But no, I learned how to buy the t shirts. Yep. Yeah. Get them bring them. How do I do it for retail K these ones or signed by my dad? Let's Mark those boys up. Yeah. Let's get this picture. It's not framed. That's what it sells for. Let's get these ones that are framed how much is that you get very serious yet for me was like a dream. Come true getting run a business and learn about it at a young age. What and got I started at maybe ten. Wow, pretty cool. It was awesome. Again. It wasn't for money..

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