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How were you consuming the interbaltic moisture when you sweat down there you know you're nervous i was on the edge of my seat i felt sick i had that sickly feeling when virgin van dyke just doesn't the sites to try and play that ball where he thinks he's fouled and then looks around and the next thing it's a quick ballboy in a quick throw in quick move by city on gabrielle jay's scores andrew i'll tell you i was that first half was if you've got issues of the cardiovascular natured that was not the half for you i struggled massively without game here's steve nicol on it i'm not a huge fan of officials at the best yeah but when they get something so badly wrong this show important just drives me insane you know the free kick the van dyke never go the that led to sit open on after what two minutes i mean you wonder why for the next hour i was up shortly beside myself i guess he was like you except he's really going on the official for allowing that play even happened now was there a little bit of context it was a show of an could have been a free kick your but you're also six foot two and he's fife at watt on you've got to play that in and it's early doors in the game so you've got to be focused and you gotta play to the whistle that that is like we're on about the and hired into the corners as the penalty that you learn as a kid guess what you learn to play that are efforts whistle on he's so far out of position that we were just called open off the resulting play so i actually blame vvd for that.

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