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The California Teachers Association wants the state to stay the course on reopening classrooms for kids. Just a few minutes before the union started a previously scheduled news conference, the CDC released its guidelines for getting kids back into schools encouraging, but it's the first step Sita is. Claudia Briggs says the protections need to be in place before students return to get shots in the arms of all employees who are required to report in person. And before students return to campus, the union brought several parents out who were advocating for a more deliberate approach to reopening campuses. This vaccine. It's fantastic, right, but we're not there yet. Christiane Carl. Okay, if I knew a state senator has introduced a bill to make religion essential. Republican Brian Jones from San Diego County says Governor Newsome went too far in shutting down religious services while allowing retail to stay open. If we trust our our business leaders to keep us safe and keep the pandemic under control in their retail businesses that we should be able to trust our religious leaders. Jones says his measure would force state and local governments to treat religious services as essential. The measure would also give religious groups more power to file for relief of emergency orders go too far. News is brought to you by solar Max Ah border collie in Tennessee is going to be living large for the rest of her life. Lulu's owner died late last year, He left Lulu $5 million The dogs. Caretaker says she doesn't know if she'll be able to spend that much on Lulu, who's eight years old. But she says she would like to try and chocolate is the most wished for gift this Valentine's Day bar.

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