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I pass it came back i don't know six months later he was going to historically black college which for me wasn't the thought i didn't have the thought like okay it's all black thing now i can do it no it was like okay in that world i can explore other realms of precaution because stepping in the sorts the fraternity sorority world is really another form of rhythm because i'm a drummer us nothing always in love with the idea of doing drumline regardless of the setting but once he was going to all go into a historically black college i knew the stigma of being a black being magical negro would cancel out right so there was that i took into took into consideration and then again the opportunity to explore rhythm and other realms other than just the marching band thing okay so mystery thousand came along because my agent was like the one thing he had to keep in mind that you want to have another film locked in before your other film comes out because god forbid the film tanks then your ass goes into directors jail and then it's a struggle to try to get in the movie so that's that was also the agenda so and mr three thousand km again part of my agenda in the commercial world in the business was delight key working right but also find something that totally works mystery thousand here's this man who called himself by number so i got really excited that idea and this was during the period of te'o terrell owens okay yes the soloist aspect of of sports and the highlight reels on espn they were totally promoting this self image as opposed to the team thing in advertently i don't think that was their idea but anyway so that i thought okay here's this black man who calls himself by a number by three thousand there's something there and and bernie mac was already attached to it and he's quite larger than life and that was a perfect thing but those are the reasons why i was reacting to things are presented to me and also my gend of keeping alive in the business as well as all the cultural racial things i need to hype been raised to avoid to try to dilute to try to like flatten out things to all that so it's a combination of things whereas now at this place i'm still working and jus another story about that of the choices i made to do that film but i'm starting to develop my own stories that that are coming from me into put out and in fact the the one thing that i've done in that manner is true too short film that eventually became the what's up campaign for budweiser so true is from me that's my truth that's not something that i reacted to i wrote a story about these guys basically holding hands through the phone saying and resonated with so talk about banality yeah about like that's i did not know that that was based on my mother yelling at me for talking on the phone and watching television at the same time she always say you do one or the other but you don't do both so and i was to do both it is right i thought about like what what is it really because thing that's funny about that it's like you're not really talking to them on the phone how was your day oh let me tell you about my day no it's like you still there to here cool you'll you still there man i'm here by that's that's that's that's that that brilliant ordinariness or whatever that i know i like to celebrate and i try to do that film real quick what's his name he used to review for the times brother he's gotta show the treatment i was on it on on npr on kcrw elvis mitchell okay elvis mitchell i was on the treatment for mr three thousand and he said to me the first thing he said we started goes how did you make a movie about know how did they studio let you make a movie about a middle age black man and i had not even thought about that way but i was like you know you're up i don't know what i'm saying but that's bernie mac was like i feel like he was huge at his show was already out was allie allie comedy was people were loving burning they were loving this was a major time for bernie mac major but the thing was is that in the.

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