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That's good. Then you say. What scenario? What strategy should? I should I have the works in all of those? All right. That's the normal sort of superficial scenario plant, which is better than doing nothing on argue against because it's easy for people to do consultants work with it into understand. The real reason for joins narrows originally was. Her write a story reels Murray not describing a state. Like in a movie. A. Zach you have to have. With plausible stuff not that's the truth but Klaus we'll start why? Because as you write a scenario, you'll get to a point. You say, I have no idea what happens next this is crazy. I never thought of Oma John We've got to stop and you stop and then you do your research, call your friends you know all all that sort of stuff to fill in. The value, the original value of a scenario. was to force you into a position where you and your colleagues have insights into what you didn't even know to ask. Quick Vignette. Corporation was ideas was what happens if there's years ago? What happens? No thermonuclear war doesn't occur in years. But in Orbison to crisis comes up and you might have. While Caused. Trouble with thirty year cat. Is that you you? You don't know who's in the Kremlin? Furthermore International Affairs have changed enough. You may be looking at Beijing, etc. Right. So the whole idea of mutual assured destruction was you had to prove to your opponent you're crazy enough to press the button. How you convince an unknown power structure in an unknown political geopolitical on the world that you're crazy enough press the button. They didn't know. So you stop writing. And you do research and you think all right and they don't do that anymore. So you're stop and say I don't know all right now what they did was they came up with fallout shelters. Your original reason for fallout shelters had nothing to do with people being thousands of years underneath the ground. Would it had to do with his convincing your opponents? That you're crazy. Enough press the button. How by having real fallout shelters and then you say everybody go. So the in this scenario, the your opponents sees news stories video. Mass crowds in New York City going up massive crowds in. Chicago mass crowds Los Angeles the whole country is going to these fallout jobs. What does the opponent? Thank you guys are crazy..

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