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On the hour sponsored by certain mattress i'm tom foty the trump administration has had mixed reactions to reports this weekend but north korea stands ready to close down its may clear weapon facility maybe it's whole program late sunday night president trump tweeted out a welcoming newspaper headline about that earlier this weekend he took full credit for a changed korea situation but his new white house national security adviser john bolton says the north korean propaganda playbook is an infinitely rich resource meaning if you look at the decision to give up nuclear weapons as a real strategic decision that north korea has to make what we want to see from them is evidence that it's real and not just rhetoric and bolton told face the nation on other a good sign would be the release of three americans detained in north korea america's new top diplomat is in a different part of the world also concerned with potential nuclear power cbs news correspondent laura podesta reports secretary of state mike pompeo arrived in jordan sunday after whirlwind visits to saudi arabia and israel where he repeatedly took aim at iran we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous escalation of threats to israel and the region pump hail promised full support to israel which claims iran has ramped up assistance to anti israel militant groups and it's long range missile programs you on must be stopped its quest for nuclear bombs must be stopped that's drills prime minister benjamin netanyahu still in the middle east syrian government forces battling rebels in the southern part of damascus a short time ago the syrian army reported that rockets had struck several of its military bases now it's unclear who fired them cereal labels it new aggression by its enemies a war monitoring group reports more than twentyfive pro government fighters killed some of them iranians at least twenty five people were killed in a pair of coordinated suicide bombings in kabul afghanistan a few hours ago victims include to photo journalists are local tv cameraman and a photographer for the french news agency a f pee on the us mexican border near san diego a stalemate of sorts border patrol agents trying to block two hundred asylum seekers from central america saying the facility to handle them is overcrowded number three and four mobile carriers want to merge.

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