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Who's you to hear that oh wait bhutto here's the guy from a he's in a bunch of shit oh not that guy now i know you're talking about he's and like you we bowl tied movies yet no not that guy is that the guy that plays the is that the guy plays the nihilist in a big lebel ski the played the devil when a please the devil in new york constantine oh boy you know the nihilist the guy this asleep in the pool and bigger bosque no that is up peter storm air from fargo storm air year he also played the guy slippery pete who would get the fraga machine across the street in seinfeld yes he did i i love seeing in it so we're seeing that actor in a multi himself right now very we here yeah near the end their it'd be like james speyer and different bells like all right on with it gathers it and eric stoltz i think pops up in one of the ruined e i like it i like it i furious now you think this guy could i mean he's he's on the he's on the cusp he's on the cusp of creating if of finishing at fulfilling his life's work here he's got already got a guy in a basement we already saw that growth is yet to chicks vows he's got the three for the set of pete he can't even play it not suspicious long enough right he's ernie looking like a creep can you tone it down what are we cool are we to believe that he arranged this for the girls to show up are they just acts only showed up at the wrong house no i think he i think he put a thing in the street that blue their tires kyle it's a good idea them.

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