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To the COKIE podcast cracking die bitcoin day I'm pretty heavy look as a couple of. I'm shouldn't say pretty well, I I can will mugger it. So me these levels it's being taken that pretty major. Writing on the wall. You know, Bitcoin's weekly candle. How many times you on? About that. I to say break ten, five, we have the level little reading wanted to save break was ten fight we have and the raise ten, five items because it's the high of the weekly candle now if you already on my youtube. Go, ahead, just try to call jump on that check it out a little bit because I'm going to do a video to go with this country. So you can actually see levels in say it is being such important. Level they I think. It'd be good to show to you in a visual sense raw the then then just a podcast is well, I'm doing an interview again. Yes I'm I'm going to be interesting to see of cracking Australia today I'm looking forward to it. I'm Donald for a wall saying what I'll I'll know. A really want to know why. So, many exchanges encrypt top companies at targeting Australia I want to get to the bottom of the reasoning full that and the goal share it with the obviously I'll share the these very much looking forward to that. That's going to be in about an hour. Tom Sorry if you've got any questions, I put him into the podcast comment section on pies and all. Old. Full end this one. So we're only now bitcoin. Well, we account at ten, thousand, six, hundred, seventy, five after yesterday having one of the most solid moves high on the clothes in quite some time we were up three point three percent we close at ten, six, seven, thousand, ten, thousand, six, hundred, seventy, five, closing up around the higher ratings of that can which is a very positive song are lucky with bitcoin. Now, the daily does have a slightly higher low it's not the most clean highlighted as much. It's definitely there it's very clear on the twelve al I little step out saw of rain Jim in quite some vice I step outside of the range full stop. On what would be absolutely wonderful the saints that I would be A. An exclamation mark. Bitcoin to push high bright yesterday's high. Let's see another three or four percent Guinness up around eleven thousand dollar mark. Now, why do I want this to the obvious? You know bitcoin highs better. Reason, that I want this more than anything else is so that it can just wash out some of that bearish sentiment anybody who's still considering. that we're GONNA move up can be taken out of the Y. At that stage. I believe we'll see positive. Attitude Bitcoin, there's that many negative out there but the more positive the mole hot we get in bitcoins process and ten thousand up. It's the level that I wanted to level that we got a lot to say bay that level concerned that level. It's been that level a couple of weeks I WANNA sit just say goodbye and we just go into Totta we're off to fifty K.. Mode. So. Yeah. Pretty pretty basically diet that I was sitting flat on the Diet to die. Of course, we've only just had the market reopen full this day we got a theory. On that weeklies, we'll hasn't broken those hawes yesterday we were up three percent closing at three, seventy, seven, five hour around about three seventy six right now slightly down. An Ex pay on the perpetual contract here or against tether whichever one you want to look at all use of perpetual. Futures and I use the spot. The for this particular pair of tell you right now. The way clay. Could wrought it's just a wonderfully set position. Much. Sign is big bitcoin taking control. Yes. BITCOINS donuts actually closing up what was number yesterday bitcoin dominance was up. Yet point six, four, point, nine audit speak to this. We've got some divergence that was down there at the bottom of spoke to this in my life trading flow skin. And Yeah interesting to see what happens he Knows embraced I. Because all of that in some of the videos that you can get on Youtube bitcoin cash right now you know it's not done much yesterday look it was opposite. It was up yesterday too. So I won't point six percent closing at two twenty, four spot on fog or to twenty-six flat right now faucets up on the day still very so I wasn't. BITCOIN cash no interest they really for May Simon Lot coin its down point four, three, eight, forty, eight, Dole's ninety one yesterday we pushed higher getting a high forty nine Dole. Sixty seven didn't crack that fifty amok was up two percent on the clothes yesterday moving from there on a BS v very little move up point four percent yesterday based they one of the better wake. Pays really it's it's looking pretty average pretty average in datum up looking for show. So I haven't got a short on go to anything on rotten now it's just a pretty average looking chop sitting there at one sixty three spots tonight pretty much flat on the died cod I was up one point six, six, percent closing at nine point six, six cents of told you I wanNA say above ten dollars will wow I wanna say about ten sides before I got interested in bed just yet bonds at a wall diocese today our full. So only point four percent closing at thirty point eight full. It's a downside went six percent right now sitting just on thirty dollars after very, very strong run-up brought secretive back at the moment ails continues to walk sideways horrible looking shot Diana out point to closing toodle seventy, three, hundred kids. It is a mess linked very much science sort of bite with resistance thirteen dollars twenty, six yesterday out point seven percent with close to twelve. Dollars and fourteen cents twelve dollars and ten cents a guy not much going on their

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