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Welcome to podcasting where you learned the best tips and strategies to launch growing monetize your show. This week's question comes from Dan is Dan sky pilot faith quest podcast, and I have some questions about the apple podcast analytics. I love the buzz sprout analytics, use them all the time and find them very helpful. And I go to the apple podcast analytics and I find them really confusing. Sometimes, there's information about a particular podcast that is lacking on the screen. It seems inconsistent within its own podcast analytics as well as compared to what you all offer. Tell me what I should be looking out there. Should I even be using them? Is they're helpful information there. What are your recommendations thank you so much for your question. Dan So apple podcasts analytics offers some. Additional data points that they don't necessarily share with podcast hosting sites such as but sprout, and while having more information is usually really good thing. You kinda need to know what you're looking for and what you're looking at when you're an apple podcasts connect. So on this episode, we're GonNa, tell you in explain a little bit about why the data points might look a little bit different and then how to get the most out of apple podcast analytics. Let's talk about why you might see some download discrepancy between your hosting site and apple podcasts connect. So with a hosting site, they're going to show you across the board. How many listens in episode is getting Apple podcasts is not set up that way apple podcast connect is going to only show you information from listeners that meet specific set of criteria. The first is that the listener has to be using the most current version of the apple. PODCASTS at the second is that user also has given permission for their diagnostic information in their usage data to be on top of that, there is a seventy two hour lag time. So if someone listened to an episode that you posted on Monday, you're not gonna see that reflected in your stats until Thursday on top of that, if you get less than five people that meet that criteria, apple is going to register zero data for that episode so. The key here is if you want to find out information about how many listens and episodes getting, you're going to want to check in with your hosting site like bus browse going to show you how many listens to you over the course of all time as well as where maybe your audience listening from. You're not gonNA, get an accurate reflection of your download information from podcast connect. What is it good for? Actually there are three really good data points that podcast connect can offer you. The first is average consumption by episode when you land on the dashboard for your podcast scroll down until you see recent episodes, once you're there look at the stat in the far right column. The percentage you see here is the average amount of time your audience listening to each episode. For example, if you have a twenty minute episode with a seventy, five percent average consumption rating that means that people are listening to about the first fifteen minutes of that episode. For the next data point, you can see in podcasts connect episode listen duration click through to one of your episodes to see a graph showing you the percentage of listeners that are still tuned in at any point in your episode. If you're doing everything right, you should see a gradual taper from the beginning to the end of the episode. If you see a sharp drop in listeners, click on the portion of the episode and listen to it to figure out why so many listeners bailed at the same time. For example, there was an episode entitled finding the Best Podcasting. Microphone we noticed that people stopped listening around. The, nineteen minute mark when we went back and looked at that, we noticed that that was where we kind identified that podcasting microphone, and so people didn't really have a reason to keep listening. So what you WanNa do is really think about why people would drop off really explore that if that's that you've given them an answer and they don't need to listen anymore if it's more of a click bait kind title if you had an ad run in the middle reverse engineer, why everyone might disconnected at that point so that you can create more content that has people stay on for the duration of the episode. The last thing that you can learn from podcast connect is how many new listeners subscribed after listening to a particular episode blow the Listener Duration Graph for each episode, you'll see a role of additional statistics on the far right. You'll notice a percentage called devices, subscribed devices subscribed as the percentage of unique devices that subscribed and listening to the episode. For example, if you have an episode that has a twenty percent subscribe rate versus an episode that has a ninety percent subscribed rate, you're GonNa WanNa look at what you did to get ninety percent subscription because if you can do more of that, it will result in more podcast listeners. It's GonNa help you grow your podcast tremendously.

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