Would you like to know how Tyra Banks is a host?


Dancing involves lots of touching right? So they, you know, I do know that they're doing a lot of testing. They're doing a lot of social distancing at the end of the day. The dancers and their partners are the only ones who are in close contact, and probably the camera people who are following them. But even they I think can keep a distance, right, right. So The to the couples are in close quarters as their dancing. But when when it comes to the live show, they have this sort of arena style. Ah, space. With a bell Kanin that goes on either side of the dance floor, and they have the couple's spaced out up there, so they're not all bunched together like they usually are in a green room situation. So the set looks a little different than dancing with the stars of your Because I have checked in with the show and a really long time. So there's no life studio audience. There is fake live studio audience noise, which Stick a pin in that I'll get to that in a minute. The judges are spaced 6 ft apart, which is weird right to see. But you know what's safe. Tyra Banks as host is always placed Maximum

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