Welcome back: Lakers, LeBron headed to the conference finals


Were 29 points. He would have 11 rebounds and seven assists for the 11th time in his career. He's going to the conference finals for the 40th time in the franchise is history. The Lakers are going to the conference finals after the game. LeBron James with ESPN Cassidy Hubbarth LeBron, You guys came out In this game with energy, but it really seems like you decided was over in the third quarter. What were the conversations like at half and how you guys came out here? We know what they did in the fourth quarter of Game four on We can't allow to repeat that happen, so we learn from it. And that's being a relatively new group together in our tent playoff game together way having a learning to fly we did in Game four and was able to bring it into the third quarter tonight. Again. Three point shooting tonight. You beat them at their own game, but how capable do you think this team is to shoot like this consistently going forward? I mean, we're sharing the ball and the ball has energy behind it. So we're getting to the pain. We're sharing the ball. Our shooter's in great rhythm, you know, So it's important for myself, 80, Ray Zhaan and Alex to make sure that we get all our shooter's shots. And then it knocked him down today. Big time. Danny KCP, you know, smooth, knocked a few downforce and No, it's just good basketball for US Lakers. They're going to the conference finals for the first time since 2010. When Colby let them How does it feel to bring this franchise back to this state? Especially this year? I mean, it's the reason I want to be a part of this franchise to take him back to a place that they were accustomed to being. And thus compete for championships. So you know it's honor for me, Tio purple and go on for us. We just try to continue the legacy and just play great basketball for fans back in l A and all over the world. This is the stage you're familiar with. This is your 11th Conference finals. This is Anthony Davis first where the conversations we're gonna have within the town What to expect in this change? Well, I mean, every game is a learned experience for us. Like I said, This is all tonight was our 10th game together at the new group. New coaches have new system and everything so Every game has another opportunity for us to get better. No matter if it's the first round, second round conference finals in that we just we want to continue to build and I feel like we've gotten better from Game one against Portland game Timber. Susan would continue that. You know, whoever we play between the Clippers order nuggets that would give our civil good chance chance to advance wants. Thanks, LeBron series win his Cassidy Hubbarth through the air with LeBron James. She works for ESPN. LeBron James plays for the Lakers. Kevin want to with you in our studios with the MBA Tonight postgame still powered by five hour energy shots. Occurs when it won

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