Why Consciousness Upholds Creation


Hi My friends I'm Deepak Chopra. This is daily breath. Today I want to answer the question that delays everything. Can existence take care of itself. And my answer is, yes. Let's talk about how consciousness. Polls creation. At this moment, we're surrounded by the infinite intelligence and creative bar of consciousness. This is nature's secret life his consciousness. The principles that consciousness follows but. Everything. The most basic light poems follow the principles of consciousness which are self organization. Even, the most basic lifeforms know exactly how to stay alive. Have you ever heard of an organism called the Yellow Blob. Known as Feis Abram. Policy. This organism exhibits qualities of consciousness. It is an example of our existence can take care of itself. If you want to know more about this organism. Beulah read my book but it's a simple fungus like organism that shows all the properties of snus that you and I have as human beings. So consciousness and existence must go together. There's no such thing as blackness consciousness is always a life life was generated in the field of consciousness it is already alive. Life is invisible until consciousness takes physical.

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