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District running unopposed? I want to give her my vote. Yeah, that's what happens. It's very important. Those local races air Arguably even more important than the ones many way Yeah, Yeah, yeah. I wasn't a sexy but they're important. No, that's absolutely true. That's who's making all of the policies and the procedures and things that happened right here at home. So those are a big deal. Let's talk about Cassie Randolph, who was on The bachelor and one Colton Underwood season of the Bachelor will now she's been granted a restraining order against him. This's getting very messy. Yes. So she filed these documents. On September 11th claiming that she has been harassed since their break up. Um now that restraining order has been granted, and he has to stay 100 yards away from her, her car and her workplace at all times. He cannot have any contact either directly or indirectly in any way with his ax, and that order is in place until October, 6th when these two are expected to appear at a court hearing. So she says that since she and Colton split in April, he's been stalking and harassing her in his center, unsettling text messages, repeatedly calling her and placed a tracking device on her view, right? And that was probably that's proud. You know, I'm not an attorney. I just play one on the radio. That was probably what did it for the restraining order because text messages and calls are one thing. But when you're tracking her car On accusing her of seeing her ex boy Fresh is classic. Behavior When it comes Tio this type of guy, I'll

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