Morning Ah Meditation


You. Used this meditation every single morning. And while we do this meditation together. I will actually do the sound and ask you to do it with me. You will find it best if you can find a A private place, a place where you're not going to be interrupted a place where you can absolutely put this. Sound out into the world. And not be afraid of. Other people listening to it. As you're doing the sound. I'd like you to begin to think about what it is that you would like to manifest. Some of the things that you may think about manifesting for yourself include. Perhaps they. A DIVINE RELATIONSHIP Or. Improved relationship. Perhaps. You would like to be able to heal a part of your body. That has been resistant to healing or. Perhaps you would like to overcome an addiction. Of some kind. Perhaps, you'd like to lose weight. Perhaps you would like to be able to manifest abundance in your life or create a new job or get a promotion or. Or have. The scarcity removed from your life and have it replaced by a stronger sense of. Security. Perhaps, you would like to have less tension and lowered blood pressure. Less stress and more peace in your love. Whatever it is that you would like to be able to manifest I'd like you to suspend all out. Be Willing. Every morning. To begin your day. With a twenty minute. Meditation. Ancient Wisdom. Comes from the Far East. Where they taught. The meditators. Out to use. This sound. And have it absolutely go from the root Shaqra. To. Third I. And to begin to feel it. Emanating outward. And after twenty minutes of doing this. Your identification with the material world will almost be eliminated. You will find yourself feeling lighter. Clearer. More centered. More focused. But most alarmingly to those of us who've grown up in the West. You will begin to see. Manifesting and materializing. In your world. That which you concentrate on. In Your Meditation. The way that we're going to do this tape. Is Not the way I do it every day. In the tape. I'm going to begin. With a series. Of Long Breaths and meditations that I would like you to do with me. And then. While I continue to do these. I will be putting us some affirmations right here on the tape. For you to consider. As you'RE MEDITATING Suggestions are these affirmations interfere. Simply turn the tape off. And continue the Meditation Until Twenty

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