How COVID accelerated a 20-year surge in demand for pets


The pandemic is driving up demand for pets. There's an expert out there who says there was already a growing demand for pets, particularly dogs You're about to hear from Mark Cushing. He's the CEO of the Animal Policy group. He's the author of a book called Pet Nation. The Love Affair that changed America. And here's what he says is causing all of this is what he told Yahoo News. The truth is covert accelerated, but it just reflects what's been a 20 year, Serge And demand for Pat's particularly dogs. Adam and we have a shortage. I put the shore aged between 1 to 2 million dogs per year, forcing us to go overseas to some pretty rough neighborhoods. The supply needs. Who knew wanted two million shortage a year there were importing so this the extent that we have to go overseas to get them. I mean, we always thought that you're no spaying and neuter and the shelters are full and right. Well, that kind of might be the case. Because we drilled down a little bit deeper right now, and Cushing says that there's a network of animal shelters all across the U. S. And they shared dogs with each other. So when one shelter runs out, another shelter sends more. There are pockets in the deep South, Lower Midwest in southwest for shelters are full of animals. Most shelters air out of dogs. By noon on Saturday, and I'd say in the Greater New York area if you're looking for a dog, you better get there on Thursday or Friday. Shelters supply about 25% of all dogs annually. And so the issue isn't the fact that shelters are chock full when people don't want a shelter, puppy. No, no, The issue is there just aren't enough dogs. Southern shelter. Send dogs to the Northeast East. Tennessee Feeds Buffalo, Alabama, please. New Jersey, Mississippi feeds Minneapolis. Ella feeds Porter Ryan from originally in Seattle. So there's kind of a canine freedom train ad hoc economy here a sufficient But it's reflecting the fact that the shelter's particularly above the Mason Dixon line, and anybody remembers that phrase don't have dogs. So Christina they're moving dogs from shelter to shelter all across America, because some have greater demand than others. And why didn't we get into the pet industry? Why did we not invest in pet supplies? Good. Because you know how many supplies come with a pet? Well, you know, because you're getting a second one. Sure do. We're going to have double the supplies, double beds, the pooper scooper, the whole everything right? But even all the ancillary businesses that have cropped up and popped up because of that there are pet cemeteries. Right. There are people who all they do is take care of pets of wealthy people. That's all they do. There's a travel website that if you want to go stay in a beautiful home in Paris and take care of someone's poodle. You could do that for free. So just all you have to do is take care of the rest. All you have to do is take care of their pets. It's pet sitters like international or something and you go stay for free anywhere and take care of someone's lab. Oh, that's not

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