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Money and more attention flowing to how do we offload all these government digital tools of the private sector and that's why think we really need to look at procurement law and reexamine how we bill technology in the government josh miller thank you very much no problem any day now the supreme court is expected to decide if states can legalize sports betting what do you need to know about this marketplace's andy euler is here to help starting with a little background and context to the supreme court case the court heard arguments late last year on a case called nca versus christie named for the then governor of new jersey that could invalidate the professional and amateur sports protection act what's that it's a nineteen ninety two law that bans sports betting in most states now i say most because the putt act as it's come to be called grandfathered in four states that had already legalized sports betting nevada oregon delaware and montana new jersey is arguing that the federal government's overstepping its bounds and that states should be allowed to make their own sports betting laws okay now that we know the basics here's point one of what you need to know about sports betting in the us gambling can be traced back to the origins of this country betting enthusiasts like to remind folks that some of the american revolution was funded through state lotteries and gambling on sports is another thing altogether and the history is basically a back and forth between the states enacting gambling laws and then gamblers figuring out a way to get around those laws that of course includes ties of the mob and bookies that still run gambling circuits in cities in states where legal gambling isn't an option now the state nevada stepped out on its own legalized for spending in nineteen forty nine thinking it would boast tourism which did last year nevada brought in two hundred fifty million dollars in revenue through its legal sports books that's las vegas nevada are thought of as the center of sports betting in this country so a lot of gambling outside those four grandfathered in states has gone underground but regulations have cropped up over the years that brings us to our next point the second thing you need to know is regulation normally follows big sports scandals there was a famous baseball black socks candle in nineteen nineteen.

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