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Three days on W. decision trump tax returns I'm in Kate's many top Republicans are denouncing president trump's planned withdrawal U. S. troops from northern Syria correspondent Nick paid wash reports American allies in the region are determining their next step it doesn't pay the U. S. is still controlling the as space the first in the Syrian Kurds going to probably do is have to stop thinking about moving their forces were protecting the address the population after my sis prisoners and ISIS displaced in large counts them moving them towards fighting positions and of course the larger question to what the broad alliance between the Syrian Kurds and the US forces that two decisions today on president trump and his tax return in the seventy five page ruling judge Victor Marrero said the president's argument that he is immune from criminal investigation was repugnant to the nation's governmental structure and constitutional values the judge said that presidents their families and businesses are not above the law president trump's attorneys quickly started the appeal process and the second circuit court of appeals issued a temporary stay so that eight years of tax returns wouldn't have to be handed over to the Manhattan district attorney the DA is investigating hush money payments made to two women who claim they had affairs with the president Steve casting down New York authorities continue to investigate the killing of twenty eight year old Josh were brown the crazy prosecution witness in the trial of former Dallas police officer amber Geiger correspondent ed lavandera brown's murder has raised concerns and triggered a flurry of speculation that he was targeted for testifying in the Geiger murder case that he was seen as a snitch a family lawyer said brown had been shot in the mouth that turned out to be false Dallas police say brown was shot multiple times in the lower body he was in the parking lot of a Dallas apartment complex on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average fell ninety six points the S. and P. five hundred closed down thirteen the nasdaq up twenty six I'm.

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