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Add in we had a day game in Los Angeles. And. They were serving these Margarita Martinez, which are spectacular by the way. If you ever end up around the Biltmore hotel in downtown LA. Okay. Okay. But I mean shoe this was one of those nights. I mean, even Ken Wilson was out with us. You know, like I mean, the whole crew Jimmy you're everybody was who was just kind of having a great time in the hotel the same time. Well that game came quick that next afternoon. And and boy neither one of us could read an ad, right? And Jimmy I still have the whole period on my computer for just for comic relief. Because at one point. I mean, here's chasers. Saying, okay. We've got toys for tots drive coming up. You know is brought to you by the Marine Corps. And I went no, it's not what I go. That's core. You know, we don't want it the way you said it, and then, you know. And then I'd go to read a ticket, and I go dial one eight hundred here come the LA kings. And he goes, no, no, it was a six to the phone number was sixty two blue. And I said an is right for tickets. Call six to two here come the kings, and he bread on six to to what what six to to what you talking about. He was the only read part of the phone number. I go really well. Where'd I leave off of six two two go six two blue? And in meantime, now, we are laughing and plays going up and down the ice power play is taking place while you got through it to one break. I threw it the one break saying anybody ever number for hooked on phonics Senate our way, and then we come out of the next break or something like that. And and he butchered the Anheuser Busch read at that point time, and I pushed my chair back. I'm laughing he's laughing so hard. We got our heads down in all Jimmy has is the sound effects is sticks pucks are about ninety on the ice because we couldn't talk street. So we we've had some some great moment. You know that fills the void for those years when the team wasn't good. And I I always admired the fact that you found a way to make an interesting. In getting people intrigued by what was going to happen. And I and I used to have stand in line with you. You don't have loser. Only sixteen points out of the next to last playoff spot. So come on down to watch the blues. I mean, there would be it would be hopeless situation. But you found a way to give people a feeling or reason to come see a player a come see a team, you know, you'd say, you know, he's got six points. His last forty one games. You know, he looks like he's turned a corner. I mean, the little things you would do to make sure people would be interested in seeing look our job. Is to call the game. And. You could end up seeing your team could be down six to nothing. But the save that your goal tender makes with five minutes to go in the third period. Could save of the year in the league. You know? Related to baseball with us all the time. I don't know what the score was on Ozzie. Smith was playing for the San Diego Padres and made that great one hand handicaps, right? Yeah. Okay. But if you're kind of being down in the dumps and sarcastic and not not given the job in the fans what they deserve you missed that call you don't have that. Call doesn't get the right energy that it should have. And that would be unfair to the players the fans everybody involved. It's not it's not Eric brewer's fault. It's not, you know. No, it's not Mike cylinders fault. You know that the team was was where they were those players they've got families. They get people listening fans to want to come to the we're not gonna win every year. You're you're gonna have ups and downs. But as a job as a broadcaster, our jobs to be part of the entertainment for people and make sure that we're taking you out of the real world for a little while stand by we've got one more segment to go. He's.

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