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Offer the toilet thing three love now right okay I thought about that I thought about it see more people than just do what I think about really kind of talked about it yeah what are they saying in the text various things plumbers are texting a saying the Valentine is absolutely right and windy days doesn't all go through and I have a better answer for it for three things gotcha okay will stand by for that Tony George's morning traffic Tony what's going on well the tech support is sponsored by Macy's and the one ten freeway northbound side is what gets towards Boulevard a car the broke down blocking the right lane there at the top of the off ramp is jamming things that was going away from Wilmington seen heavy delays there from PCH if you see something out of the way let me down the traffic tip line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three southbound side of the one ten is so down at him out of Gardena just before the ninety one over towards towards Boulevard six of five freeway northbound side just before you get the slots and there's some debris in the carpool lane in everybody's jumping out swerving to avoid that so traffic is slowing down just before the ninety one of the head the drive is actually pretty good into bald and into ball to park and then south on say the six of five see the laces money usually even went out from Errol highway to the sixty and then like had a bunch of that but you get closer to the five freeway there into the down the stretch on the westbound side of the two ten delays you come off the fifty seven at a sandy mess that's bizarre about towards hill where the running a traffic rank right now to get the stalled car out of the fast lane Macy's one day sale with deals of the day to get all your holiday shopping squared away say big on cozy coats in the latest styles and perfect gifts for everyone on your list now at Macy's thank your traffic I'm Tony Jordan what a four three my fans billion dollar holiday I heart radio one million.

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