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Kanye West says he is no longer an anti semite after watching actor Jonah Hill in the film 21 jump street, and that made him like Jewish people again. You know, what? I will never get back a few seconds of my life that that took to tell you, or that it took you to listen, and I apologize. When I saw that article, I actually thought he had watched that you people move beyond Netflix, and that's what ma'am. Oh, that, listen. That's like the worst movie ever. I tried twice. They really great cast. They really cheat you on that one. I know you're all excited about the cast. Eddie Murphy. Oh my God. Yes. I didn't see. I thought it was just me. Yeah, no. Let's go too. Where are we? David in Miami. Hello, David. We found the femme. Paula, hello. Can you hear me? Oh, all right. Paula pounds something. She got her weed black or fixed. Go ahead. Exactly. Good for her. Death. So it's not one of the more famous sketches, but maybe we need to update to one with Tim Conway, where she's the night nurse, and he's a construction worker by day. And so they share the same lunch box. But we need to update it where one is a school teacher by day. The other by night, but I don't need to share a lunchbox, but the gun and the body armor that it takes preferably each making 6 figures so that they're both working two jobs as teacher and licensed armed guard because apparently that's what they want. Remember school teachers were having to take second jobs for plasma even before COVID. Right. Before the craziness. So apparently south the Brave New World they want. Yes. They end where we think it's a fantastic that whiteboards are now bulletproof. Okay. Well, you know I'm just at the bottom of the stack when I get to Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh my God, I don't know. Something something this E accident, some fancy place in Utah. None of us will ever be able to afford something something collision on the ski slopes somewhere. She says he ran into her. He says she ran into him. I don't. My favorite lifestyles of the rich and famous. He's doing her for what, $3 million or something? Yeah, she's suing for $1 plus attorney's fees, right? I have a good mind to give back my vagina candle and my vagina steamer. Do you have them both? Yeah, sure. Well, Gwyneth told me to. Oh, honey. Can I do everything boop so

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