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Giants have preach defense and and it's a you may have to sacrifice some of that defense for offense is what we're coming to now the giants have ever have worked real hard at being the ground attack team pitching in defense clearly won them those championships but the management style of boat g and the way the giants one of those titles is gone with the wind this new wave of young hitters in baseball is what has changed the game you can't continue to go with with mediocre pitching and young hitters that have not developed and i know the giants have made these moves and it's time to get to the next the next era of young talent but bobby evans who was this head of player development now develop some of these players got him to the bigs and now we stopped developing talent now i'm thrilled that they're happy with steven duggar that they think duggar is going to be an option but you're going to have to prove to me that he's a guy that can actually play a hundred and sixty games in center field for a major league baseball team because the last couple of guys that i was told were going to be that caliber player haven't come close jerry brown fred lewis klay temper may cheer holds adams djaballah i know all these get jason allison all these guys are a little before bobby evans he's are also just name to the outfitters the giants have tried to develop couldn't get done todd lyndon guys we've had shots couldn't get it done in the bigs it's a frustrating thing to deal with when you see other teams with so many outfielders year after year they just creating st louis worthy built these guys they creek.

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