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It was unbelievable. Here's your forecast a garden variety pop-up shower here and there, but for the most part the south lower Tennessee valley, Ohio valley and midwest will be clear today. We're looking at clear skies up through the mid Atlantic and most of the northeast look for some lake effect snow in Detroit and along Lake Erie, primarily for south western New York, then as you get up into the Lake Ontario region, Rochester Syracuse might pick up some additional snowfall today. One impact of note, which will begin late tonight into Wednesday will be the chance for more showers returning to California. We're looking again at the entire state from well, southern Oregon down to Baja California Mexico. So we could see more flooding as a result later. In the week. Then that rain and the higher elevations of the Sierras cascades and central Rockies will become snow that again though for tomorrow. So keep your eye on that if you're traveling in the region the national forecast from Red Eye Radio, I'm meteorologist John trout. Thanks, so much John eight six six ninety redeye. Individuals. Whether your bathtub toilet or seek is overflowing and really any size there or kind of plumbing or water damage emergency. Call central flood management put this number in your phone and save it because it's going to happen in the Bill the night one day, and who you don't have time to look up who to call it. Take my word for these guys are awesome. Twenty four seven central. Flood management will dispatch a lead certified technician.

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