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The hell Dare micro There's this faith anyway, told him what's going on there. Get to see you were on a zoom here doing this good to talk to you, and we had an eventful week in the can be our fantasy league. Ah, pretty eventful week in the NFL in general, your injuries to talk about some players on the Niners returning from injury for week for on. We've also had a game post own, which is just bananas stuff. So what's going on, man? How was the weekend doing, man? I'm good over here, man. A lot like you said, lots to talk about. Of course, I want to talk about trades possible trades. I also want to go through our players that we picked last week and players we like this week. Does that guy want Titans Steelers with it with the covert right? First of all, because you let's let's let's open there. So we're as we record this on Thursday afternoon. We actually found out earlier today that they have Moved even further back now the Steelers and Titans game They've said initially that it was going to be played on Tuesday or Monday night. The Titans and the Vikings bullshit down there, They're facilities and the title would have the eight positive outbreaks. We found out. They had to more positive tested, so they've no officially postpone that game. They said. We're going to play sometime later in the season. It sounds like now that they're not going to play this week and that immediately has ramifications Round the fantasy football world. Yeah, and I've got one of my leagues is talking about ocean. We add roster spots. And I haven't responded to that. What? He told me. I had roster spots every day. It's the same for every single member of our league. It's the same for every single player in the NFL. There's a chance that any player on anyone's team gets it gets infected with the virus. As unfortunate as that is, it's just part of the deal of playing fancy football during a pandemic. It's just the way it is. You are going to a man things in the middle of the season just because it affects a couple of rosters. Guys that have Derrick Henry that this week I'm sure are pissed off guys that have James Connor. Roethlisberger are pissed off. But that's the single Barclay goes down. It's the same bad luck so and here's the thing is, it's to your point. It's a little bit more predictable in that. Like, for example, you're talking about or you can't make amendments here in the middle of the season. Right like this. I think if something outrageous happened, you could write like if they if they, for some reason had to call the season or, for example, I was in a fantasy Basketball league. I play fantasy basketball. I hate it. I don't enjoy it. I don't know how I play fantasy baseball that I really enjoy fantasy. I just can't get into it. I say this, but by the way, has a guy who finished second place in the league this year. Tennessee basketball. I was cruel. In towards the postseason. But here's what happened. The season gets halted part way through the year because of Cove in 19. The N BA was actually in season got shut down right because of that, So they pause furnished interpreted time they came back, and they played those eight seeding games in the bubble. We didn't even really count those towards anything, and I think everybody just got their money back for the league because What are we gonna do? This wasn't the plan for the season, the season one supposed to carry for as long as they think The difference Now is I'm the commissioner of both the can be our league and my lead with my buddies. The L O D. And I've said this to both leagues we started and I feel like I saw Roger Goodell. Crab man for Roger Goodell is that people's lives are at stake. What IM talking here like they're asking Are we get at same sort of thing? Are they gonna get us? Are we going to add extra roster response? Murph asked me on the air on the candy are Morticia this morning? What are we gonna do? Commission like this dealers and the and the Titans are going to play this week and I said the waiver wire is right there. Yes, this season. Under the precedents of covert 19 under the umbrella. That is the pandemic. We're going forward that we're going to be team's players, schedules, all sorts of things out of whack that were gonna happen. Where? What if somebody Kalkhoven 19? Are they out for two weeks? Are they out for two days without for six weeks like you could lose a guy for the entire season? As you mentioned Say Quan Barclay, who overwhelmingly was the number two overall pick in most fantasy drafts this year, gone for the year to make it every two weeks now gone for the like, That's it. He's why I think he played two weeks ago, but last week out and it's gonna be a few more weeks before he's back. This new AI R thing Definitely makes things different, but we came into the season knowing all of this was a possibility. So I'm not going to make any changes. No good season because it's happened here, and here is the hole. The other thing is that you hoped that maybe you give them the shutdown this week. This axis, the buying them. Steelers going play rest of the season 13 straight weeks. Well, that's the way it goes. Niners didn't last season at the back end of the year. 13 straight weeks into the Super Bowl teams have to do it 13 straight games about an off week, so I'm not too concerned about it From like a fantasy standpoint, it's a little concerning from like a human and football stand. When you look at Cove uncovered could be compared to an injury. It's not something anybody is doing to try and get nobody's do anything to try and get hurt or to try and get cove. It. It's just bad luck getting injured. Bad luck getting the virus. It's it's you know, I don't think that the Titans and Steelers were acting in a haphazard manner where they were to contract the virus. They weren't the Oakland Raider. The Las Vegas Raiders going to a gala You know, with with without mass. I went to a few gallons myself. And I'll do you love some Vegas Raiders, I think. Oh, my God. You think I mean, I love the thought of Vegas Raiders. I'm sober. I would. I would absolutely be planning a trip to Vegas for what happens in black and silver stays in black and silver. Do you own any? Do you own any titans or are stealers of stress? I swear I do not. I do not own any titans or Steelers. I do own a Raider in Waller, where I want to talk about next. I think he's going to a big bounce back week, but I don't and you know, it's a bummer for the guys in my league that have Derrick Henry. I think Derrick Henry is the player that I think people are gonna be most pissed about Big week last week to thinking of the end zone a couple times, 100, guys 40 yards. Can't remember. Jack. You're right on top. Here are B one and you lose But it's the bride. That's just it's the same chances for all of us. Fantasy football is so rooted in Luck said to me yesterday because here's the thing I'm playing a guy this week..

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